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  • “There is no such thing as an easy experiment, nor is there any substitute for careful experimentation in many areas of basic research and applied product development.” From Experimental Methods for Engineers by J. P. Holman Measurement is a multidisciplinary experimental science. Measurement systems synergistically blend science, engineering and statistical methods to provide fundamental data for research, design and development, control of processes and operations, and facilitate safe and economic performance of systems.

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  • The gallery arrangement for the Un-Private House was modeled after a house, with sections of the gal- lery and the associated furniture imitating the var- ious rooms and functions present in a house. The exhibit had 26 architectural projects on display, and there weremodels and other display pieces for each house distributed throughout the gallery on the ta- bles and other pieces of furniture. Figure 1 shows the layout of the gallery, with the entrance to the gallery in the upper right corner and the dining ta- ble as a round gray and white circle in the lower left.

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  • There is a bustling atmosphere in the headquarters of the globally active Confusio Corporation. Everything seems to be just fine. Yet, there is a bad atmosphere in the precious wood-paneled conference room of the managing director Paul Peppy. Peppy has drummed together his top managers from all important branch offices; a hard and uncompromising crackdown is urgently required! Concerning the topic of the crisis summit, he has intentionally left the participants in the dark.

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