Runs and sequences

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  • The Guru's Guide to Transact-SQL An imprint of Addison Wesley Longman, Inc. Reading, Massachusetts • Harlow, England • Menlo Park, California Berkeley, California • Don Mills, Ontario • Sydney Bonn • Amsterdam • Tokyo • Mexico City Copyright Information Copyright © 2000 by Addison-Wesley All rights reserved.

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  • Encoding instructions as binary numbers is natural and efficient for computers. Humans, however, have a great deal of difficulty understanding and manipulating these numbers. People read and write symbols (words) much better than long sequences of digits. Chapter 2 showed that we need not choose between numbers and words because computer instructions can be represented in many ways. Humans can write and read symbols, and computers can execute the equivalent binary numbers.

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  • As I am finishing this book, Science magazine is running a special issue about the sequencing of the macaque genome. It turns out that macaques share about 93 percent of their genes with us, humans. Previously it has been already reported that chimpanzees share about 96 percent of their genes with us. Yes, the macaque is our common ancestor, and it might be expected that, together with the chimps, we continued with our natural selection some 23 million years ago until, some 6 million years ago, we departed from the chimps to continue our further search for better adaptation.

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  • ON THE APPEARANCE OF PRIMES IN LINEAR RECURSIVE SEQUENCES JOHN H. JAROMA Received 16 August 2004 and in revised form 5 December 2004 We present an application of difference equations to number theory by considering the set √ √ of linear second-order recursive relations, Un+2 ( √ R,Q) = RUn+1 − QUn , U0 = 0, U1 = 1, √ √ and Vn+2 ( R,Q) = RVn+1 − QVn , V0 = 2,V1 = R, where R and Q are relatively prime integers and n ∈ {0,1,...}. These equations describe the set of extended Lucas sequences, or rather, the Lehmer sequences. We...

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  • Looked at in this way the industrial process shows two well−marked general characteristics: (a) the running maintenance of interstitial adjustments between the several sub−processes or branches of industry, wherever in their working they touch one another in the sequence of industrial elaboration; and (b) an unremitting requirement of quantitative precision, accuracy in point of time and sequence, in the proper inclusion and exclusion of forces affecting the outcome, in the magnitude of the various physical characteristics (weight, size, density, hardness, tensile strength, elastic...

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  • The process of locating and fixing errors in your application is known as debugging. There are no magic tricks to debugging, and there is no fixed sequence of steps that works every time. Basically, debugging helps you understand what is happening when your application runs.

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  • The transcription patterns of 64 linear double stranded DNA templates obtained with T7 RNA polymerase were investigated. These templates consisted of 17 nucleotide-long sequences under the control of the minimal bac-teriophage T7 promoter and represented all possible combinations of nucleotides at positions +8, +10 and +11.

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