Sacred nature

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  • Beauty has been extolled and made a cult object in all cultures and civilizations,whatever their geographic distribution, ethnic origin, or religion. In ancient Egypt, beauty was associated with a sacred nature and personified by Queen Nefertiti, a woman who had high brows, wide and well-delineated eyes, rich lips, a dignified countenance, and an upright bearing, the very image of subtle energy; the ancient Egyptians regarded beauty closely akin to ‘‘holiness.’’

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  • However, inflation is just the cosomological paradigm, not a theory! The known field-theoretical mechanisms of inflation use a slow-roll scalar field φ (called inflaton) with proper scalar potential V(φ) (12; 13). The scale of inflation is well beyond the electro-weak scale, ie. is well beyond the Standard Model of Elementary Particles! Thus the inflationary stage in the early universe is the most powerful High-Energy Physics (HEP) accelerator in Nature (up to 1010 TeV).

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  • What I should like to do now is attempt to place the bold effort by Ulanowicz in a broad framework that is strongly supportive of the third window, even though I am not yet convinced of the raw chance, the aleatoric that Elsasser and Ulanowicz argue for. To do this, and with prior discussion with the author, I want to put the issues in the framework of what I will call "the open universe.

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  • Standing alone in a viewing chapel in a London funeral parlour almost a decade ago I was struck by the impossibility of coming to terms with the fact that one day I too would be lying in a spot-lit niche like the one before me. How could I become an inert object, not experiencing the scene, not there to tell the story? I have been studying death ever since. To be honest I cannot say that my efforts to come to terms with this aspect of life have been totally successful. Our mortality is a troubling matter. Yet my interest in the topic of death has...

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