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  • ore and more consumers are looking for health benefits associated with their food or drink product; these concerns range from the effects of probiotics, the health benefits associated with a meat-reduction diet to the role of antioxidants in ageing and skincare. New Profit Opportunities in Health and Nutrition to 2009: Changing consumer concerns and market influencers in food and drinks reveals consumers' health concerns and the relationship between nutrition and purchasing habits.

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  • It is clear that contemporary films have a quicker pace than those 50 years ago, although films from the end of the silent era had ASLs not much different from 1995 films (Salt 2009). Cuts constitute almost 99% of the transitions between shots in contemporary film(Cutting et al 2011a), and given that Mital et al (2010) have shown that cuts affect eye movements, generally causing saccades towards the middle of the screen, it is clear that more quickly paced films demand a reorientation of visual attention to a degree that older films do not....

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  • But an RTGS structure may incentivise free-riding. A bank may find it convenient to delay its outgoing payments (placing it in an internal queue) and wait for incoming funds, in order to avoid the burden of acquiring expensive liquidity in the first place. As banks fail to ‘internalise’ the systemic benefits of acquiring liquidity, RTGS systems may suffer from inefficient liquidity underprovision. Inefficiencies may also emerge for a second reason.

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  • There are a vast number of technologies and practices that can be employed to reduce GHG emissions for the purpose of generating offsets. In addition, GHG emissions can be offset through certain kinds of land use and forestry practices that remove CO2 from the atmosphere. According to a survey from 2006, projects involving land use and forestry practices are in fact the most common type being funded by voluntary offset purchases. 12 The next most common type of project involves renewable energy production, followed by demand-side energy efficiency improvements (Table 1).

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  • Certain attempts to undertake reforms in the socialist economy led to reactiva- tion of the Belgrade Stock Exchange (BSE) in 1989, and it has functioned without interruption since then. The stock exchange conducts activities related to organiza- tion of trade with securities and financial derivatives. The position and activities of the stock exchange are stipulated by the Law on Securities and Other Financial Instruments’ Market, as the most important act in this area, which will be discussed in some detail below.

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  • Introduction: Nitrate and nitrite compounds are being used for various purposes, such as coronary artery dilators, coloring reagents for meat, rust preventives, fertilizers and explosives. When a nitrate salt is ingested by a human, nitric acid is converted into nitrous acid by the action of nitric acidreducing bacteria inhabiting the upper digestive tract; the nitrous acid oxidizes the divalent ferrous ion of hemoglobin to produce methemoglobin a with the trivalent ferric ion.

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  • Standards for standardization of reducing agents: K2Cr2O7 KIO3 Ce4+ Standards for standardization of oxidizing agents: Na2C2O4 Na2S2O3 Fe2+ (Mohr’s salt and Oesper’s salt) 4 .V. Auxiliary Oxidizing and Reducing Agents The analyte must be in a single oxidation state at the start of the titration. This can be achieved by using a preoxidation or pre-reduction step prior to analysis

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  • Magnesium, with a specific gravity of only 1.74, is the lowest-density metal available for engineering use. It is produced either by electrolytic reduction of MgCl2 or by chemical reduction of MgO by Si in the form of ferrosilicon. MgCl2 is obtained from seawater, brine deposits, or salt lakes.

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  • In complying with ever tightening regulations for emission of HCl, Cl2, and particulate matter, various melt refining processes in furnace have been applied to reduce or to replace chlorine gas. In the last decade, many technical papers have been submitted on innovative, in-furnace melt refining processes using rotary nozzle injector.

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  • Reduction of Effective Arterial Volume In many forms of edema, the effective arterial blood volume, a parameter that represents the filling of the arterial tree, is reduced. Underfilling of the arterial tree may be caused by a reduction of cardiac output and/or systemic vascular resistance. As a consequence of underfilling, a series of physiologic responses designed to restore the effective arterial volume to normal are set into motion. A key element of these responses is the retention of salt and, therefore, of water, ultimately leading to edema.

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