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  • The data and information in this booklet have been collected for use in the Materials Courses in Part I of the Engineering Tripos (as well as in Part II, and the Manufacturing Engineering Tripos). Numerical data are presented in tabulated and graphical form, and a summary of useful formulae is included. A list of sources from which the data have been prepared is given below.

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  • One of the main obstacles to producing high quality joint models is the lack of jointly annotated data. Joint modeling of multiple natural language processing tasks outperforms single-task models learned from the same data, but still underperforms compared to single-task models learned on the more abundant quantities of available single-task annotated data. In this paper we present a novel model which makes use of additional single-task annotated data to improve the performance of a joint model. ...

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  • I should like to raise some issues concerning the conversion from a traditional Marhine-Readable Dictionary (MRD) on tape to a Lexical Data Base (LDB), in order to highlight some important consequences for computational linguistics which can follow from this transition. The enormous potentialities of the information implicitly stored in a standard printed dictionary or a MRD can only be evidenced and made explicit when the same data are given a new logical structure in a data base model, and exploited by appropriate software. ...

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  • The module then describes how to use data binding so that the contents of the XML data island can be displayed in data-consuming HTML elements. The module describes both tabular binding (where the entire contents of the recordset are displayed at the same time in a table) and current-record data binding (where only the current record in the recordset is displayed). Some students may already be familiar with the concept of data binding in Dynamic HTML, but be aware that this might be an entirely new concept for other students. ...

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  • Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining aims to help data miners, researchers, scholars, and PhD students who wish to apply data mining techniques. The primary contribution of this book is highlighting frontier fields and implementations of the knowledge discovery and data mining. It seems to be same things are repeated again. But in general, same approach and techniques may help us in different fields and expertise areas. This book presents knowledge discovery and data mining applications in two different sections....

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  • This module shows how to submit XML data in the opposite direction, that is, from browser to Web server. The module describes the benefits of posting XML data as opposed to any other format of data, and shows how the XMLHTTP object can be used to achieve this. The module also shows how the server receives this data and loads it into a server-side XMLDOM object. This is the first time students have seen that you can use DOM on the server ó all previous examples of DOM have been client- side. Itís worthwhile to mention that it is the same...

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  • The PHP Data Objects (PDO) extension defines a lightweight, consistent interface for accessing databases in PHP Each database driver that implements the PDO interface can expose database-specific features as regular extension functions you must use a database-specific PDO driver to access a database server PDO provides a data-access abstraction layer, which means that, regardless of which database you're using, you use the same functions to issue queries and fetch data

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  • Subsequently, the 1996 Nepal Family Health Survey, the 2001 Nepal Demographic and Health Survey and the 2006 Nepal Demographic and Health surveys were conducted. This trend report discusses key findings from these three DHS surveys in Nepal. All three Nepal DHS surveys sampled nationally representative populations, were conducted by the same organization (New ERA Ltd.), and managed by the same core group of survey personnel.

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  • Before you can perform tasks such as adding data and building formulas, you must first start Excel. This brings the Excel window onto the Windows desktop and you can then begin using the program. This task and the rest of the book assume that you have already installed Excel 2010 on your computer. When you have finished your work with Excel, you should shut down the program. This reduces clutter on the desktop and in the taskbar, and it also conserves memory and other system resources.

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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 3.3 Determining the Differences in Data Between Two DataSet Objects Problem You have two DataSet objects with the same schema but containing different data and need to determine the difference between the data in the two.

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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 5.6 Merging Data Problem You have two DataSet objects with the same schema, but containing different data. You need to combine data from these two DataSet objects without creating duplicate rows. Solution Use the DataSet.

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  • Excel has a number of logical functions which allow you to set various “conditions” and have data respond to them. For example, you may only want a certain calculation performed or piece of text displayed if certain conditions are met. The functions used to produce this type of analysis are found in the Insert, Function menu, under the heading LOGICAL.

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  • To support its operations, DOD performs an assortment of interrelated and interdependent business functions, such as logistics, procurement, health care, and financial management. As we have previously reported, the DOD systems environment that supports these business functions has been overly complex, decentralized, and error prone, characterized by (1) little standardization across the department, (2) multiple systems performing the same tasks and storing the same data, and (3) the need for data to be entered manually into multiple systems.

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  • In this paper we examine how the differences in modelling between different data driven systems performing the same NLP task can be exploited to yield a higher accuracy than the best individual system. We do this by means of an experiment involving the task of morpho-syntactic wordclass tagging. Four well-known tagger generators (Hidden Markov Model, Memory-Based, Transformation Rules and Maximum Entropy) are trained on the same corpus data. After comparison, their outputs are combined using several voting strategies and second stage classifiers. ...

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  • Unipolar All signal elements have same sign Polar One logic state represented by positive voltage the other by negative voltage Data rate Rate of data transmission in bits per second Duration or length of a bit Time taken for transmitter to emit the bit

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  • Piggy Bank allows the user to tag each information item with several keywords, thereby fitting it simultaneously into several organizational schemes. For example, a photograph can be tagged both as “sepia” and “portrait”, as it fits into both the “effect” organizational scheme (among “black & white,” “vivid,” etc.) and the “topic” scheme (among “landscape,” “still life,” etc.).

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  • Loading Data Several methods are available for loading data into tables in an Oracle database. Of the methods available Direct-Load insert and SQL*Loader are discussed here. SQL*Loader SQL*Loader loads data from external files into tables of an Oracle database. It has a powerful data parsing engine that puts little limitation on the format of the data in the datafile. Direct-Load insert Direct-load insert can be used to copy data from one table to another table within the same database.

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  • • Home address: address produced by a hash function. • Prime area: memory that contains all the home addresses. • Synonyms: a set of keys that hash to the same location. • Collision: the location of the data to be inserted is already occupied by the synonym data.

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  • We are given a list of records. Each recordis associated with a key. We are given one key (target), and are asked to search the list to find the record(s) whose key is the same as the target. May be more than one recordwith the same key. May be no record with a given key.

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  • Stack frames: Each vertical column shows the contents of the stack at a given time There is no difference between two cases: owhen the temporary storage areas pushed on the stack come from different functions, and owhen the temporary storage areas pushed on the stack come from repeated occurrences of the same function.

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