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  • In this eBook I occasionally make comparisons between the D200 and previous Nikon models. In general, whenever this eBook uses the term D1 or D1 series, I’m referring to the entire D1 family (i.e. the D1, D1h, and D1x). The same is true of the D2 family (D2h, D2hs, and D2x). Use of an individual model name in the text indicates a model-specific feature or characteristic. In tables, if there are differences between the cameras, I’ve either added columns for each camera, or separated the information into model-specific tables....

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  • Brillouin scattering was discovered in 1922 by Louis Brillouin [1]. It is one of a number of characteristic scattering phenomena that occur when light interacts with solid, liquid or gaseous media and corresponds to the scattering of light from thermally-induced acoustical waves (propagating pressure/density waves) present in media at all temperatures. At normal light levels the amount of scattering is small. The characteristics of the scattering can offer interesting information about the properties of the medium (temperature, pressure) and form the basis for remote fibre sensor devices.

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  • Australia has two public service broadcasters: the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS). ABC is modeled after the BBC and aims to provide traditional public service content on TV and radio; SBS aims to provide a more specialized service of multicultural and multilingual programming (Hitchens 2006: 24). ABC (all channels included) has an audience share of 14 percent; SBS reaches 5 percent of the total audience (OzTAM 2010). Due to ABC’s status as the major public broadcaster, we focus primarily below on its funding and oversight.

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