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  • Đồ án 1: Tìm hiểu ngôn ngữ lập trình scala, xây dựng website chia sẻ ảnh trực tuyến trình bày tổng quan về ngữ lập trình scala, tập trung nghiên cứu về framework hỗ trợ cho việc viết web trên ngôn ngữ, từ đó xây dựng trang web chia sẻ ảnh trực tuyến;... Mời bạn đọc cùng tham khảo, ai quan tâm vui lòng gửi mail đến: mình sẽ gửi source cho .

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  • Scala is an exciting, modern, multi-paradigm language for the JVM. You can use it to write traditional, imperative, object-oriented code. But you can also leverage its higher level of abstraction to take full advantage of modern, multicore systems. Programming Scala will show you how to use this powerful functional programming language to create highly scalable, highly concurrent applications on the Java Platform.

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  • Scala in Depth is a unique new book designed to help you integrate Scala effectively into your development process. By presenting the emerging best practices and designs from the Scala community, it guides you through dozens of powerful techniques example by example. About the Book Scala is a powerful JVM language that blends the functional and OO programming models. You'll have no trouble getting introductions to Scala in books or online, but it's hard to find great examples and insights from experienced practitioners. You'll find them in Scala in Depth....

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  • Lift in Action is a step-by-step exploration of the Lift framework. It moves through the subject quickly using carefully crafted, well-explained examples that make you comfortable from the start. This book is written for developers who are new to both Scala and Lift. About the Technology Lift is a Scala-based web framework designed for extremely interactive and engaging web applications. It's highly scalable, production-ready, and will run in any servlet container. And Lift's convention-over-configuration approach lets you avoid needless work....

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  • Scala smoothly integrates object-oriented and functional programming. It is designed to express common programming patterns in a concise, elegant, and typesafe way. Scala introduces several innovative language constructs. For instance:At the same time, Scala is compatible with Java. Java libraries and frameworks can be used without glue code or additional declarations. This document introduces Scala in an informal way, through a sequence of examples.

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  • Apache Camel is a Java framework that lets you implement the standard enterprise integration patterns in a few lines of code. With a concise but sophisticated DSL you snap integration logic into your app, Lego-style, using Java, XML, or Scala. Camel supports over 80 common transports such as HTTP, REST, JMS, and Web Services.

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  • You should learn a programming language every year, as recommended by The Pragmatic Programmer. But if one per year is good, how about Seven Languages in Seven Weeks? In this book you'll get a hands-on tour of Clojure, Haskell, Io, Prolog, Scala, Erlang, and Ruby. Whether or not your favorite language is on that list, you'll broaden your perspective of programming by examining these languages side-by-side. You'll learn something new from each, and best of all, you'll learn how to learn a language quickly....

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  • Setup in Mac OS X, Mac OS X Lion, and Linux Setup in Windows Using SBT SBT Folder Organization The Build File About Our Examples Creating Our Examples Using TDD, ScalaTest, and SBT Directories in SBT The Importance of Good Infrastructure Triggered Executions What If I Need an Extra Repository? Format of Dependencies Line Updating Changes from the Build File Bringing Some Sources and Documentation

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  • After a review of the literature, the author has concluded that the concept of heat transfer was first introduced by the English scientist Sir Isaac Newton in his 1701 paper entitled “Scala Graduum Caloris.”(1) The specific ideas of heat convection and Newton’s Law of Cooling were developed from that paper

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  • Seven Stars Galleria được công nhận là khách sạn bảy sao độc nhất vô nhị trên thế giới. Đây cũng là khách sạn duy nhất đặt trong khu trung tâm mua sắm cổ xưa nhất thế giới - Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II xây dựng năm 1876 thông với nhà thờ lớn Piazza Duomo và nhà hát Piazza della Scala nổi tiếng ở Milan. Khách sạn chỉ có 7 phòng suite với diện tích khác nhau, được thiết kế theo lối cổ điển của Milan, với chất liệu chính là gỗ sồi.

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  • Điều khoản giải phẫu và nguồn gốc Kỳ nghỉ của họ. Reflect. Hồng cầu lưới. Lưới. Rút lại. Gân rút lại. Mỏ chim (pl.-a). Rotator. Sắc. Sacculus. Dọc. Sarcolemma. Scala. Xơ cứng. Bã nhờn. Bã nhờn. Sigmoid. Nham hiểm. Xoang (pl.-). Hình sin. Soma. Soma. Somatopleure.

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  • Now you can bring the best of Ruby into the world of Java, with Using JRuby. Come to the source for the JRuby core team’s insights and insider tips. You’ll learn how to call Java objects seamlessly from Ruby, and deal with Java idioms such as interfaces and overloaded functions. Run Ruby code from Java, and make a Java program scriptable in Ruby. See how to compile Ruby into .class files that are callable from Java, Scala, Clojure, or any other JVM language.

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  • Bài viết này mở ra một loạt bài mới của Neal Ford trên developerWorks tiến hành so sánh kỹ 3 thế hệ tiếp theo của ngôn ngữ JVM: Groovy, Scala, and Clojure.

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  • Dân số câu trả lời. Một loạt các phản ứng não điện gợi (EABRs) được sản xuất bởi một lưỡng cực điện cực kích thích 1 gần bức tường bên trong của Scala nhĩ của mèo và ghi lại khác biệt với các điện cực kim da đầu dưới da. Biên độ của sóng âm mưu từ tăng cấp độ hiện tại 0,2-1,6 mA (In lại từ Shepherd et al. 1993, với sự cho phép của Elsevier.)

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  • Freshness and update consistency: There are many possible ways of propagating updates from the data origins to intermediate nodes that have materialized views of this data. Some possible solutions would be invalidation messages pushed by the server or client-initiated validation messages; however, both of these incur overhead that limits scala- bility. Another approach is a timeout/expiration-based protocol, as employed by DNS and web caches. This approach has lower overhead, at the cost of providing much looser guarantees about freshness and consistency.

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