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  • Your degree over – or nearly over – you contemplate your next move, rather like a game of chess. You plot your next move, you fall into it, or someone makes you fall into it. Life is continually like a game of chess, but checkmate – the end result – is entirely where you or someone else decides it is to be. You can plan to move forward and make progress, or you can feel like a pawn, moved around a board at someone else’s bidding.

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  • This important series makes a signi! cant contribution to the development of management thought. This ! eld has expanded dramatically in recent years and the series provides an invaluable forum for the publication of high quality work in management science, human resource management, organizational behaviour, marketing, management information systems, operations management, business ethics, strategic management and international management. The main emphasis of the series is on the development and application of new original ideas.

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  • Importantly, post-secondary education and training can provide the cognitive and interactive skills required for good, high-paid, jobs. Analysis of data from the Current Population Survey (CPS) indicates that occupations with a high intensity of analytic and interactive skills tend to have large shares of workers with post-secondary education. 19 Moreover, occupations with a high concentration of college-educated workers have been growing much faster than others.

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  • Study findings from Malab MCH-FP interventions demonstrated that family-planning programme can be successful even under unfavorable socioeconomic conditions. Particularly critical to the success of the Matlab experiment is the client-oriented services delivered through the female community health workers (CHW), with supportive supervision.

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  • Of making many English grammars there is no end; nor should there be till theoretical scholarship and actual practice are more happily wedded. In this field much valuable work has already been accomplished; but it has been done largely by workers accustomed to take the scholar's point of view, and their writings are addressed rather to trained minds than to immature learners. To find an advanced grammar unencumbered with hard words, abstruse thoughts, and difficult principles, is not altogether an easy matter.

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  • Scholarly debates over immigration policy are conducted mainly in terms of the effect of that policy on labor markets and economic measures of pro- ductivity. Of principal concern is the fit between the labor-market needs of a given nation and the composition of people immigrating to that country. Debates over the displacement of indigenous workers are equally prevalent. While the economic and labor-force implications of immigration and immi- gration policy are important, they are not the...

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