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  • Michael von Albrecht's "A History of Roman Literature," originally published in German, can rightly be seen as the long awaited counterpart to Albin Lesky's "Geschichte der Griechischen Literatur," In what will probably be the last survey made by a single scholar the whole of Latin literature from Livius Andronicus up to Boethius comes to the fore. 'Literature' is taken here in its broad, antique sense, and therefore also includes e.g. rhetoric, philosophy and history. Special attention has been given to the influence of Latin literature on subsequent centuries down to our own days.

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  • athryn VanSpanckeren, professor of English at the University of Tampa, has lectured in American literature widely abroad, and is former director of the Fulbright-sponsored Summer Institute in American Literature for international scholars. Her publications include poetry and scholarship. She received her Bachelors degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and her Ph.D. 1

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  • Paget Toynbee for his help in reading the proofs. I cannot put out on this venture without acknowledgment of my obligation to two scholars, who have had nothing to do with my employment of all that I have borrowed from them, the Oxford editors of the Old Northern Poetry, Dr. Gudbrand Vigfusson and Mr. York Powell. I have still to learn what Mr. York Powell thinks of these discourses. What Gudbrand Vigfusson would have thought I cannot guess, but I am glad to remember the wise goodwill which he was always ready to give, with so much else from the...

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  • This book is a review and analysis of the literature and presenta- tion of data from a series of surveys that attempts to provide in- sights into how engineers communicate. Much of the focus of the book is on the professional aspects of engineers’ work, the infor- mation resources used to perform their work, and information output from their work that is communicated to others. Many of our studies and those of others dealt with traditional interperson- al and written communication channels....

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  • This edition of theHandbook of Counseling Psychologylik,e all three prior editions, has three primary objectives: (1) to provide a scholarly review of important areas of counseling psychology inquiry, (2) to elaborate directions for future research, and (3) to draw specific suggestions for practice that derive from the scholarly literature in counseling psychology and related disciplines.

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  • This second edition of the Encyclopedia of Nursing Research (ENR), like the first, is a comprehensive, yet concise and authoritative guide to existing nursing research literature. It charts the course of nursing research since 1983 when the first edition of the Annual Review of Nursing Research (ARNR) was published. The original edition of ENR, published in 1998, grew from a long-standing commitment of the publisher, Dr. Ursula Springer, to the field of nursing, and my commitment to nurse scholars around the globe.

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  • The moving stories that people with a mental illness have published were the inspiration for this work, and we are deeply indebted to all those people who have shared their experiences with others in order to enhance our understanding. We have written this book to share a model of psychological recovery from mental illness which was derived from many personal accounts. There is a large and growing scholarly literature on recovery, most of which is in broad agreement about the elements of recovery and the many influences on the course of mental illness and its impact on the individual...

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  • Priority is given to books and book series that have relatively greater citation impact. Book Citation Index now covers over 150 highly cited book series in Science, Social Science, and Arts & Humanities. Journal and proceedings citations to books in these series indicate that they are well-integrated into the scholarly communication network. The Book Citation Index uncovers another dimension of this network by opening citation pathways leading to and from publications in the wider world of books.

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  • The public service is being transformed as reform is occurring at all levels of government both here and abroad. Although some of the changes address narrow, specific issues, increasingly more radical innovations are commonplace. A key example is the effort to modify or eliminate the distinguishing characteristic of the merit system: safeguarding the independence of the public servant corps from political influence.

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  • In 1850 Charlotte Brontë paid a visit to Harriet Martineau at Ambleside, and she wrote to her friends various emphatic accounts of her hostess. 'Without adopting her theories,' Miss Brontë said, 'I yet find a worth and greatness in herself, and a consistency, benevolence, perseverance in her practice, such as wins the sincerest esteem and affection. She is not a person to be judged by her writings alone, but rather by her own deeds and life, than which nothing can be more exemplary or noble.'

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  • The goal of these selection processes is to build a comprehensive view of the scholarly literature across the major formats: journals, conference proceedings, and now scholarly books. By careful evaluation of the content and format of each publication, Thomson Reuters assures not only that all citation indexes in Web of Science contain the most relevant and timely research, but also that rigorous Bibliographic Control will ensure that this research is discoverable. But comprehensive does not necessarily mean all-inclusive.

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  • The acceptance bias toward the traditional axis of scholarly literature confirms what publishers experience day-to-day: there are greater challenges to reviewing and making decisions on this sharp influx of content from new countries, with diverse cultures and attitudes to publishing, non-English languages (the lingua franca of academic publication in most subject areas), and a lack of publishing history.

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  • Professor Claus Westermann of the University of Heidelberg is well known to Old Testament scholars and students in the English-speaking world. A number of his important books have already been translated. He has visited the United States of America several times and was made an honorary member of the Society of Biblical Literature. In 1977 he was honored by the British Academy with the Burkitt Medal for Biblical Studies. For almost twenty-five years Professor Westermann was engaged in a commentary on the book of Genesis.

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  • This work has been published as a printed book by: Association of Research Libraries 21 Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 800 Washington, D.C. 20036 ISBN 1-59407-670-7 ISBN 978-1-59407-670-1 It can be ordered from: ARL Publications Distribution Center PO Box 531 Annapolis Junction, MD 20701-0531 Phone: 301-362-8196 Fax: 301-206-9789 Orders: .Open Access Bibliography Liberating Scholarly Literature with E-Prints and Open Access Journals Charles W. Bailey, Jr. ...

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  • Chapter 13 - Reading and writing the quantitative research report. After reading this chapter, you should be able to: Review and revise your literature review to ensure that the literature review aligns with the designed and tested study; review and revise, if necessary, the problem statement; review and revise, if necessary, the research questions and hypotheses presented in your study;...

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  • Chapter 5 – Writing a literature review. In this chapter students will be able to: Compare insights from various scholarly articles, prepare a clear and well organized literature review, make a case for your purpose statement and research questions, take notes in a manner useful to conducting a literature review.

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  • This short book is my answer to their question. This book will reference modern research, but it is not a book for scholars. This book will contain information that will benefit English teachers, but it is not a book for teachers. This is a book for you, the student. In my reading, much of the literature concerning language acquisition theory and research are designed for teachers.

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  • Sustainable tourism, sustainable development through tourism, principles of sustainable development in tourism and tourism development in terms of sustainable tourism, in the literature often treated as names for the same phenomenon, are becoming increasingly interesting for scholars and practicians of tourism from various countries.

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  • Stochastic volatility (SV) is the main concept used in the fields of financial economics and mathematical finance to deal with time-varying volatility in financial markets. In this book I bring together some of the main papers which have influenced the field of the econometrics of stochastic volatility with the hope that this will allow students and scholars to place this literature in a wider context.

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  • The resource-based view of the firm (RBV) is one of the latest strategic management concepts to be enthusiastically em-braced by marketing scholars. This paper argues that the RBV holds much promise as a framework for understanding stra-tegic marketing issues but cautions that, before it is adopted, it needs to be fully understood. Consequently, the paper charts the development of the RBV from its origins in early economic models of imperfect competition, through the work of evolutionary economists to the contributions of strategy and marketing scholars over the past two decades.

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