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  • This hands-on guide offers practical advice on all aspects of science communication. It features a tightly interwoven fabric of issues: product types, target groups, written communication, visual communication, validation processes, practices of efficient workflow, distribution, promotion, advertising, and much more. Extremely practical, the guide provides the necessary "shortcuts" to produce outreach products of high quality. All concepts are explained with simple terms and illustrative examples while check lists and short "to-the-point" overviews enable rapid progress and quick results.

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  • Acknowledgements Governing Water (2004 – 2007) is a project funded by the European Commission. The aim is to raise awareness and promote dialogue on good governance, using water as a discussion issue, within and between communities in Fiji. More than 40 rural and urban communities on Viti Levu and Vanua Levu have participated in the Governing Water project. Through Governing Water, over 300 community facilitators and schoolteachers have been trained.

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  • Eligibility All work entered in the ADDY competition must have first appeared in the media between January 1 and December 31, 2012. With the exceptions of Public Service Advertising, Advertising for the Arts, and Advertising Industry Self Promotion categories, work entered must have been the result of paid creative services and media placement in the normal course of business (excluding student entries). Entries must be submitted in the CBSA, DMA or MSA of the entrant (as defined by Arbitron or Nielsen for your local market).

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  • There are actually a few problems. While the DOB is harder to guess, the data isn’t exactly confidential (besides the fact that it only has roughly 16,200 possible answers (12 x 30 x between the ages of 15 and 60)), based upon possible average user demographics. Attackers attempting to brute force the answer may easily do so at an average speed of 1 guess per second, taking only 4.5 hours to exhaust them all. Which bring us to the next problem: There is no limit on the number of guesses an attacker may try before the account is locked...

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  • Recently I called a store to find out if it had a specific item in stock. “Oh yes,” the sales clerk replied, “We have it, but we can’t quote the price over the phone — you’ll have to come into the store to find out the price.” So I went to the store. Not only didn’t the store have what I was looking for, but the sales clerk tried to sell me a completely different product than the one I came in for. There is nothing worse than knowing that your time is being wasted.

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  • Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark. Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark. Praise for CSS Cookbook, Third Edition “There’s a lot to know about Cascading Style Sheets, but sometimes you just want a quick answer to a specific problem. In CSS Cookbook, Christopher Schmitt delivers clear, expert solutions to the most important CSS design tasks while also promoting web standards, demonstrating current professional techniques, and providing useful information about the latest CSS standards.

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  • This book is a modern guide to using C++ langugage, including how to apply it to Windows programming. Shows how to write programs for programmers, not computers. C++ In Action: Industrial-Strength Programming Techniques picks up where the standard tutorial leaves off, providing a fresh perspective on the language for both the novice and seasoned C++ programmer. Focusing on programming technique, this book captures the essence of expression in C++, promoting a methodology that delivers robust, reliable, and elegant code. ...

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  • The day I commenced the research for this book in August 1998 I arrived at the BayArena, home of German first division side Bayer Leverkusen. The name of the ground had been changed at the beginning of the season to promote the team’s sponsor and owner – the pharmaceutical multinational Bayer. I had bought a season ticket for the largest section of the recently redeveloped ground named ‘Family Street’.

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