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  • This book was written to give the reader a well-rounded understanding of wireless network security. It looks at wireless from multiple perspectives, ranging from auditor, to security architect, to hacker. This wide scope benefits anyone who has to administer, secure, hack, or participate on a wireless network. Going through this book, the reader will see that it tackles the risk of wireless from many angles. It goes from a policy level to mitigate certain risks that wireless brings. It talks about the most cost-effective solutions to deploy wireless across a large enterprise.

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  • Russ Rogers (CISSP, CISM, IAM, IEM, HonScD), author of the popular Hacking a Terror Network (Syngress Publishing, ISBN 1-928994-98-9), co-author on multiple other books including the best selling Stealing the Network: How to Own a Continent (Syngress, ISBN 1-931836-05-1), Network Security Evaluation Using the NSA IEM (Syngress, 1-597490-35-0) and Editor in Chief of The Security Journal; is currently a penetration tester for a Federal agency and formerly the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Offi cer of Security Horizon;...

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  • I consider a continuous-time "two-trees" pure-exchange economy with in…nite horizon. There is a single consumption good which serves as the numeraire. There are two types of investors who are heterogeneous in endowments, beliefs, and enforcement technology. Heterogeneity in endowments and beliefs provide incentives for trade in the …nancial markets, which is driven by risk sharing motives and sentiment, respectively.

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  • Real asset investors also need a longer investment horizon, as investments in real assets normally require longer commitment of capital. Ship funds typically have a life of 15 to 20 years; aircraft funds more than 15 years. From the investor's point of view, it is therefore important to be able to assess the potential of the investment vehicle reliably. In addition, private investors mainly invest larger amounts. In 2011, the average subscription for investments in closed-end funds across all asset classes in Germany was EUR 30,575 (up from just over EUR 26,000 in 2010).

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  • Định tuyến và lọc lưu lượng mạng - Phần 1 Trong bài viết này chúng tôi sẽ giới thiệu cho các bạn về cấu hình router và tường lửa cũng như NAT, đây là những kiến thức được yêu cầu trong bài kiểm tra 70-642 về Windows Server 2008 của Microsoft.

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  • Information about climate1 is used to make decisions every day. From farmers deciding which crops to plant next season to mayors in large cities deciding how to prepare for future heat waves, and from an insurance company assessing future flood risks to a national security planner assessing future conflict risks from the impacts of drought, users of climate information span a vast array of sectors in both the public and private spheres. Each of these communities has different needs for climate data, with different time horizons (see Box 1) and different tolerances for uncertainty...

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  • Quản trị mạng – Trong bài viết này chúng tôi sẽ giới thiệu cho các bạn về cấu hình router và tường lửa cũng như NAT, đây là những kiến thức được yêu cầu trong bài kiểm tra 70-642 về Windows Server 2008 của Microsoft. Các thuật ngữ các bạn cần hiểu: Router Metric Hop Static routes Dynamic routes Router Information Protocol (RIP) Split-horizon Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Firewall Stateful firewall Windows Firewall Windows Firewall with Advanced Security Usage profile Network address translation (NAT)...

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  • As can be seen in Table 1, the number of observations available is large and has grown continuously throughout the period studied. Overall, there are data on over 3 million loans for the five dates analysed. This number of observations ensures the efficiency of the econometric estimates presented in the following section. The majority of companies’ loans are not secured by collateral, or in other words, have only a personal guarantee. Thus, on average, almost 85% of loans have no collateral.

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  • A more sophisticated technique to measure portfolio risk is value-at-risk (VaR). Whereas a portfolio sensitivity analysis measures portfolio value changes for a specific interest rate change for all securities, VaR measures the maximum potential loss on a portfolio for a specified confidence level and a specified time period. For example, consider a portfolio manager who measures VaR at a 95 percent confidence level and for a 90-day time horizon.

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  • Sweden’s bad banks, Securum and Retriva, managed to limit losses on non-performing assets. A successful resolution also appears to be on the horizon for Berliner Immobilien Holding. 25 With the application of the principle that the stockholders should bear losses first, it was possible to secure relatively low prices for the acquired assets. This circumvented potential “lemon market” effects. At the same time, there were no incentives established for shareholders to rely on the expectation of government assistance in the future.

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  • The value at risk (var) of a security asset is the maximum loss that investors might suffer over a time horizon at a specified confidence level. For example, var0:05 with a 1-month time horizon is the negative of the 5th percentile of the distribution of monthly returns. var is widely used as a risk measure in the literature on investment funds (Liang and Park, 2007) because the distribution of returns often shows significant skewness, which is captured by asymmetric measures like var but not by symmetric measures like standard deviation (Markovitz, 1952).

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  • A convertible bond is a security that the holder can convert into a specified number of underlying shares. We enrich the standard model by introducing some default risk of the issuer. Once default has occured payments stop immediately. In the context of a reduced form model with infinite time horizon driven by a Brownian motion, analytical formulae for the no-arbitrage price of this American contingent claim are obtained and characterized in terms of solutions of free boundary problems.

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