Security standpoint

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  • You don’t have to know all of the details You do need to know your system What services it is providing What protocols are involved What vulnerabilities is has How to minimize the risks

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  • Hello. With everything that is occurring on the Internet and all of the articles that have been written, web security is a very exciting area. Most attacks that are publicized are either directly or indirectly web-based attacks. Every company and person seems to have a web site, yet most web sites are not designed or built properly from a security standpoint.

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  • In this module, IP Behavior, we are going to take a look at how to analyze TCP/IP information and how one would actually go about pulling it off the wire and looking for patterns. The key point when it comes to security is, “Knowledge is power and ignorance is deadly.” Not understanding what is occurring on your network can be very dangerous from a security standpoint because if you do not understand what is occurring, then how can you determine whether it is good or bad?

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