Seniority - based promotion

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  • Japanese business has changed tremendously in the past decade. Once sacred institutions such as lifetime employment and seniority - based promotion in the workplace have increasingly been replaced by “ temp ” contracts and performance - based pay. During Japan ’ s miracle growth years in the two decades following the end of World War II, the nation ’ s schools churned out a veritable “ soldier ” class of white - collared sarariman (salaried men) and OLs (offi ce ladies) dedicated to building their country into an economic superpower. And they succeeded.

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  •   The  overall  organizational  structure  of  the  Port  Authority  is  heavily  concentrated  in  senior and middle management.  This structural characteristic in large part is driven by  the  long‐tenured nature  of  the  employee workforce  that has  been promoted  based  on  seniority  and  not  necessarily  merit.

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  • Promotion and separation from military service have been intertwined for the entire history of the officer corps of the United States, but cause and effect have changed over time. Aside from periods of downsizing, the separation of some officers has always led to the promotion of others. Through World War II involuntary separation for age and tenure was seldom mandatory and promotion was based on seniority. As a result promotio

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