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  • An appropriate liquid-liquid phase separation is critical for the preparation of nanofibers and does not occur in all solvents that’s why selection of solvent and phase separation temperature is crucial for the formation of nanofibers. When the condition are favourable, liquid-liquid phase separation produce three dimensional fibrous structure with nano scaled architecture similar to that of collagen type I, and used in various biomedical applications.

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  • Chirality plays a major role in biological processes, and the enantiomers of a bioactive molecule often possess different biological effects. For example, all pharmacological activity may reside in one enantiomer of a molecule, or enantiomers may have identical qualitative and quantitative pharmacological activity. In some cases, enantiomers may have qualitatively similar pharmacological activity, but different quantitative potencies.

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  • The two most important environmental hazards faced by humankind today are air pollution and global warming. Both have a direct link with our current overdependence on fossil fuels. Pollutants produced from combustion of hydrocarbons now cause even more health problems due to the urbanization of world population

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  • They give sodium tail currents with relative longterm constants (Wright, et al., 1988). At lower doses more suble repetitive behavior is seen (Brodie and Aldridge, 1982). As with type I pyrethroids, the primary action is on the central nervous system, since symptoms correlate well with brain concentrations (Rickard and Brodie, 1985). As might be expected, both classes of parathyroid produce large increases in brain glucose utilization (Cremer et al. 1983).

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  • Besides conducting national censuses, the CBS is a primary source of information for multi-sectoral data in the country. It was in the early nineties that the CBS established a separate Household Survey Section (HSS). This section initiated four small-scale surveys with funding from the GoN. Then a comprehensive survey for Nepal was launched by the CBS in 1995/96 through its multi-topic (consumption, income, housing, labor markets, education, health etc.) national household survey called the Nepal Living Standards Survey (NLSS I) with financial assistance from the World Bank.

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  • The systematic review search process identified 162 relevant articles published, with an English abstract, in peer-reviewed journals since 1st January 1958 until 29th February 2008. A total of 3558 comparisons of content of nutrients and other substances in organically and conventionally produced foodstuffs were extracted for analysis.

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  • Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) are investment funds owned and managed by national governments. Originally created in the 1950s by oil and resource-producing countries to help stabilize their economies against fluctuating commodity prices, and to provide a source of wealth for future generations, they have proliferated considerably in recent years. Although their lack of transparency makes estimating SWF investment levels difficult, it is estimated that they currently manage between $1.9 and $2.9 trillion.

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  • The five treatments should be replicated at least three times (depending on gemmule availability) by each team. That is, three separate gemmules should be placed in three separate wells for the control treatment and for the most concentrated treatment, and so on. The drawing below shows the placement of three replicates for three treatments, and teams can discuss the importance of randomization in experimental design. Once the solutions are added to the treatment wells, a single gemmule may be placed in each well.

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  • The information is provided “as is”, with no assurance or guarantee of completeness, accuracy or timeliness of the information, and without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of performance, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Dubai Press Club holds all copyrights to this report and no part thereof may be reproduced or replicated without prior explicit and written permission. In producing this report, Dubai Press Club was assisted by Value Partners....

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  • Milk is the primary product produced and sold from dairy enterprises, but secondary revenue sources including cattle sales, cooperative dividends, and the value of manure are also available. In the ARMS data, the costs associated with these secondary items cannot be separated from those for milk. In order to estimate milk production costs to compare with prices for conventional and organic milk an equivalent milk production is computed (Frank).

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  • Heme is synthesized in all cell types in aerobic organisms. Hydroxy-methylbilane synthase (HMBS) and uroporphyrinogen III synthase (UROS) catalyze two consecutive reactions in the heme biosynthetic path-way, generating the first linear and the first cyclic tetrapyrroles, respec-tively. Each of the HMBS and UROS genes contains the two separate promoters that generate ubiquitous and erythroid-specific mRNAs.

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  • Structural analysis of protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPs) has expanded considerably in the last several years, producing more than 200 structures in this class of enzymes (from 35 different proteins and their complexes with ligands). The small–medium size of the catalytic domain of280 resi-dues plus a very compact fold makes it amenable to cloning and over-expression in bacterial systems thus facilitating crystallographic analysis.

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  • A pilot study was conducted to assess the feasibility of composting of source separated organic matter of municipal solid waste (MSW) generated in low, middle and high income areas of Karachi city with a population over 14 million. Results of MSW analysis indicate the presence of high percentage of biodegradable organic matter (71-74%), acceptable moisture content (40-50%) and C/N ratio (38-40:1). On windrow composting, not only the volume of waste was reduced but also produced a crumbly earthy smelling soil-like, compost material.

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  • The Toyota Motor Corporation was founded in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda. It originally started as a subsidiary of his father’s company Toyoda Industries. The first vehicle, the Toyota AA, was produced in 1936 whilst the company was still associated with Toyoda. The brand as we know it became established as an independent company in 1937 and changed their name to Toyota. The name change was implemented to signify a separation of work and home, to simplify the pronunciation and because it only took 8 brush strokes (which is considered lucky) to write in Japanese.

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  • The column is the only device in the high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) system which actually separates an injected mixture. Column packing materials are the “media” producing the separation, and properties of this media are of primary importance for successful separations.

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  • A filter is a system that is designed to alter the spectral content of input signals in a specified manner. Common filtering objectives include improving signal quality, extracting information from signals, or separating signal components that have been previously combined. A digital filter is a mathematical algorithm implemented in hardware, firmware, and/or software that operates on a digital input signal to produce a digital output signal for achieving filtering objectives.

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  • My text Technology of Biscuits, Crackers and Cookies, which was first published in 1983, with an enlarged new edition in 1991, has proved very successful and been welcomed by biscuit manufacturers worldwide. Why, then, consider producing separate manuals in the same field? The idea started, I suppose, when my partner, Pam Chance, pointed out that, as a standard reference work, my book was both too detailed and expensive for the average plant operative to use in the course of his or her work....

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  • When managing a switch, the Management Domain is always VLAN 1. The Network Administrator's workstation must have access to a port in the VLAN 1 Management Domain. All ports are assigned to VLAN 1 by default. This lab will also help demonstrate how VLANs can be used to separate traffic and reduce broadcast domains. Cable a network similar to the one in the diagram. The configuration output used in this lab is produced from a 2950 series switch. Any other switch used may produce different output. The following steps are to be executed on each switch unless specifically instructed otherwise.

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  • Directly from its beginning—now 100 years ago, when Michail Tswett developed the principles [1, 2] with the isolation of chlorophyll—chromatography has always been a preparative technology, and its value in producing compounds of high purity cannot be overemphasized. It was Paul Karrer [3] who stated very early “. . . it would be a mistake to believe that a preparation purified by crystallization should be purer than one obtained from chromatographic analysis. In all recent investigations chromatographic purification widely surpassed that of crystallization.

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  • Limitations: The Wurtz reaction is limited to the synthesis of symmetric alkanes from alkyl iodides & bromides. If two dissimilar alkyl halides are taken as reactants, then the product is a mixture of alkanes that is, often, difficult to separate. A side reaction also occurs to produce an alkene. The side reaction becomes more significant when the alkyl halides are bulky at the halogen-attached carbon.

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