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  • Khác với loạt Robot nối tiếp ( Serial Robot), Robot song song ( Parallel Robot) có những ưu điểm vượt trội như dô cứng vững, khản nagw thay đổi vị trí và định hướng linh hoạt, độ chính xác và ổn định cao... được ứng dụng trong nhiều lĩnh vực. Bài báo giới thiệu loại Robot song song_ parallet có cấu trúc khép kín được tạo bởi 6 chân và điều khiển độc lập, Tuy nhiwwn nếu dùng những phương pháp điều khiển thông thường thì tính đáp ứng của robot sẽ chậm.......

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Fundamentals of robotic mechanical systems" has contents: Special topics in rigid body kinematics, kinematics of complex robotic mechanical systems, trajectory planning - continuous path operations, dynamics of complex robotic mechanical systems, dynamics of serial robotic manipulators.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Mechanical engineering series" has contents: Dynamics of serial robotic manipulators, special topics in rigid body kinematics, geometry of general serial robots, kinematics of alternative robotic mechanical systems, trajectory planning - continuous path operations, dynamics of complex robotic mechanical systems.

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  • The interest in robotics has been steadily increasing during the last decades. This concern has directly impacted the development of the novel theoretical research areas and products. Some of the fundamental issues that have emerged in serial and especially parallel robotics manipulators are kinematics & dynamics modeling, optimization, control algorithms and design strategies. In this new book, we have highlighted the latest topics about the serial and parallel robotic manipulators in the sections of kinematics & dynamics, control and optimization.

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  • Robot Manipulator Control offers a complete survey of control systems for serial-link robot arms and acknowledges how robotic device performance hinges upon a well-developed control system. Containing over 750 essential equations, this thoroughly up-to-date Second Edition, the book explicates theoretical and mathematical requisites for controls design and summarizes current techniques in computer simulation and implementation of controllers. It also addresses procedures and issues in computed-torque, robust, adaptive, neural network, and force control.

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  • Serial Manipulators Among all robotic mechanical systems mentioned above, robotic manipulators deserve special attention, for various reasons. One is their relevance in industry. Another is that they constitute the simplest of all robotic mechanical systems, and hence, appear as constituents of other, more complex robotic mechanical systems, as will become apparent in later chapters. A manipulator, in general, is a mechanical system aimed at manipulating objects. Manipulating, in turn, means to move something with one’s hands, as it derives from the Latin manus, meaning hand.

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  • In recent years, parallel kinematics mechanisms have attracted a lot of attention from the academic and industrial communities due to potential applications not only as robot manipulators but also as machine tools. Generally, the criteria used to compare the performance of traditional serial robots and parallel robots are the workspace, the ratio between the payload and the robot mass, accuracy, and dynamic behaviour.

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  • License, Disclaimer of Liability, and Limited Warranty The CD-ROM that accompanies this book may only be used on a single PC. This license does not permit its use on the Internet or on a network (of any kind). By purchasing or using this book/CD-ROM package(the “Work”), you agree that this license grants permission to use the products contained herein, but does not give you the right of ownership to any of the textual content in the book or ownership to any of the information or products contained on the CD-ROM. Use of third party software contained herein is limited to...

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  • (BQ) The book "Mechanical engineering series" presents modern developments in mechanical engineering and its innovative applications in applied mechanics, bioengineering, dynamic systems and control, energy, energy conversion and energy systems, fluid mechanics and fluid machinery, heat and mass transfer, manufacturing science and technology, mechanical design, mechanics of materials, micro- and nano-science technology, thermal physics, tribology, and vibration and acoustics.

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