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  • Microsoft SQL Server Black Book - Table of Contents To access the contents, click the chapter and section titles. Brief Full Advanced Search Search Tips (Publisher: The Coriolis Group) Author(s): Patrick Dalton ISBN: 1576101495 Publication Date: 07/01/97. Introduction:What's on the CD-ROM Dedication Chapter 1 Preinstallation Considerations What Is A Device? What, Then, Is A Database? What Are Character Sets And Sort Orders? What Is The Recommended System Configuration?

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  • “This book is for everyone who uses PF. Regardless of operating system and skill level, this book will teach you something new and interesting.” —BSD MAGAZINE “With Mr. Hansteen paying close attention to important topics like state inspection, SPAM, black/grey listing, and many others, this must-have reference for BSD users can go a long way to helping you fine tune the who/what/where/when/how of access control on your BSD box.” —INFOWORLD “A must-have resource for anyone who deals with firewall configurations.

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  • Author Peter Björk Reviewers Aaron Black Adam Eckerle Acquisition Editor Andrew Duckworth Lead Technical Editor Arun Nadar Technical Editors Jalasha D’costa Charmaine Pereira Copy Editors Brandt D'Mello Alfida Paiva Production Coordinator Nitesh Thakur Cover Work Nitesh Thakur Project Coordinator Abhishek Kori Proofreaders Lydia May Morris Stephen Silk Indexer Rekha Nair Graphics Valentina D’silva Aditi Gajjar

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