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  • Preface This report describes new assessment alternatives for Army Combat Service Support (CSS) staff training. It was developed as part of a larger project to design training alternatives for the Army’s Theater Support Command, which was newly formed at the time the project was initiated. The work was conducted in the Manpower and Training Program of RAND’s Arroyo Center, a federally funded research and development center sponsored by the United States Army.

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  • Success in writing and winning grants comes through practice-based effort, sustained enthusiasm, tenacity, and a commitment to turn temporary set- backs (i.e., proposal rejections) into renewed efforts and grant awards. Few educators or librarians begin their professional careers prepared to par- ticipate in the grant seeking process. As their careers evolve, they recognize and understand economic realities. Without supplemental funding, schools and their media centers are often forced to choose between essential and desirable programs.

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  • We gratefully acknowledge the District Health Management Team in Busia, the Health Center Management Committees, and the dedicated health workers who incorporated this new service into their regular work and who helped document the results. In addition, we want to recognize the commitment of the many community volunteers who organized or spoke at meetings and visited homes to mobilize women to take up the new services. Busia staff of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, Education, and Welfare contributed to the community mobilization effort.

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  • This design guide presents a series of design and implementation chapters intended to facilitate the creation of scalable and secure Business Ready Teleworker environments. The purpose of this guide is to set expectations and make recommendations so that the quality of services delivered over broadband remains usable during the worst-case situations—rather than to encourage the network managers to implement a configuration that becomes a source of frustration to the user and a support burden to the help-desk staff....

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  • I gratefully acknowledge the support and contributions of people who have in some way helped me write this book. To begin with, my parents, Gene and Dee Donnelly, inspired me to become a veterinarian, and I decided early on to follow that career path in my father’s footsteps. My parents instilled in me a passion for client service and the human-pet bond; they taught me perseverance and gave me a great many opportunities that have helped me succeed in life.

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  • A strong demand for the opportunity to share experiences and views with stakeholder con- stituencies was strongly supported by the staff of the World Bank in charge of the design and supervision of the credits and loans that finance the implementation of social funds.

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  • The Mali Economic Management Credit supports the government’s efforts to improve women’s access to land and financial services. It has facilitated the preparation of an action plan that was included in the overall financial sector action plan approved in 1998, which resulted in budget support for women’s income-generation activities. The operation has also facilitated and increased women’s access to land in the Office du Niger region; and raised public awareness of women’s legal rights and the benefits of women’s participation in the develop- ment process.

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  • After discussing each vendor with District program staff, we learned the District received minimal services in terms of the amounts paid to some of the vendors. We asked District program staff why the program manager would award these contracts. District program staff stated the District did not receive much benefit from work provided by several vendors and stated the program manager wanted support from prominent members of the community. Environment: District program staff stated, although they had concerns about the program, they did not bring them forward...

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  • Guests that stay at small accommodations to expect friendlier service, but this does not always guarantee good service. To improve service quality most small accommodations depend on informal, on-the-job training of staff rather than formal training. Therefore, VTOS for small accommodation operations will support and help owners/entrepreneurs improve the quality of their staff and service, and therefore help grow the business and build the reputation of the hotel or enterprise and attract more business through referrals or word of mouth recommendations.

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  • Determine the jobs that directly relate to the construction, installation, operation or maintenance of the project. You may include jobs of contractors and sub-contractors if their scope of work is directly related to the project. Do not include the jobs of those who work in the facility but are unrelated to the construction, installation, operation or maintenance of the project (such as overhead, support staff or workers whose scope of work does not involve the construction, installation, operation or maintenance of the project).

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  • In addition to the effect this may have on the woman, this could damage staff morale and is a serious challenge to recruitment and retention of midwives whose primary professional motivation is to care for women22. Looking to the maternity service of 2020, it is likely that the number of women with complex medical and obstetric conditions will continue to rise.

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  • These qualifications are designed for learners who are employed in senior administrative positions. They would probably be responsible for supervising staff, and for implementing and monitoring systems and services. Learners are required to take mandatory units which cover working in a business environment managing own performance as well as areas such as communicating, supporting sustainability and managing risk.

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  • Integrating SRH services into public facilities provides greater potential for scaling up services and maintaining them on a long-term basis as networks are already in place across countries. Successful integration necessitates political commitment towards providing a comprehensive package of primary health care services and technical and financial support towards achieving this. Many attempts to integrate SRH services have encountered problems at the programme and service level.

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  • Heartland would like to gratefully acknowledge Jamey “Todd” Braun, RN, BSN, MPH – retired Tuberculosis Nurse Consultant New Mexico Department of Health; Lynelle Phillips, RN, MPH – University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing; and the Heartland National TB Center Staff for their support and assistance in bringing this manual to print.

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  • We wish to acknowledge with grateful appreciation the many services provided by the American Medical Association, through the Committee on Disaster Medical Care, Council on National Security, Board of Trustees and staff, in the preparation of this handbook. From the inception of studies to determine emergency health techniques and procedures, the Association gave valuable assistance and support.

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  • In addition to sophisticated precision tools and accurate, authoritative content, Thomson Scientific solutions are supported by best-in-class customer service and training. Highly skilled and knowledgeable consultants from a wide variety of educational and professional backgrounds staff our worldwide Knowledge Center, 24 hours a day, every business day. As an extension of your organization, the Knowledge Center offers peer support through specialists with backgrounds as librarians, IT specialists, scientists, attorneys and business professionals.

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  • Library Operations also develops and mounts historical exhibitions; provides educational programs with a focus on K-12 education; carries out an active research program in the history of medicine and public health; collaborates with other NLM program areas to develop, enhance, and publicize NLM products and services; conducts research related to current operations; directs and supports training and recruiting programs for health sciences librarians; and manages the development and dissemination of national health data terminology standards.

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  • The early identification and treatment of toxic stress, including child maltreatment, can lessen the associated long-term negative health and behavioral outcomes. Daycare providers, teachers, and other adults who interact frequently with children should have sufficient knowledge and skills to identify and care for children who have been exposed to traumatic childhood experiences. They should be familiar with support services to meet the needs of children whose problems cannot be adequately addressed by front-line staff.

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  • In the area of human resources for health, the specialization of several key health services in Kenya has led to inequitable staff distribution at the facility level. Once provided in out-patient clinics, some services-including family planning, HIV testing care and support, TB treatment - have been moved to specialized sites in the health facility. In addition to meeting needs of patients, the appropriate re-integration of these services allows for more efficient use of health workers time.

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  • The Office of Clinician Support provides a safe place for physicians to discuss and resolve a wide range of work place and personal issues. The OCS provides a blend of services ranging from creating awareness of work-engendered stresses, to discussions about work-related and personal concerns, to mental health assessments, to crisis interventions. All clinicians are seen at no charge with referrals to outside professionals as needed. OCS staff will make arrangements to meet at a convenient time, usually within 24-48 hours.

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