Shifting cultivation

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  • This study explains the dynamics of shifting cultivation and agro-forestry practices among farmers of the Tay et hnic group (one of the largest in the region)in Tat hamlet and recommends measures to replace shiftin cultivation by agro-forestry as the livelihood base. The analysis is mainly quantitative.

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  • Agroforestry practices have existed in Vietnam and in many countries throughout the world for a long time. Among others, these sys tems include traditional shifting cultivation typical of ethnic minority groups and home gardens seen in many rural landscape ecologies

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  • 2 Cropping systems for fruit Fruit is produced in almost every farming system. Some fruits are collected in the natural vegetation (‘in the wild’). In shifting cultivation systems, fruit trees are often planted along with the field crops after a plot has been cleared. During the first year or two of the next fallow period the resurging natural vegetation is slashed to enable the fruit trees to survive and bear fruit.

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  • 6 Using cropping systems to control erosion Rotation and fallow Many tropical farming systems have originated from shifting cultivation; a system of food production based on a rotation of cultivation followed by a long fallow period. The fallow period ensures a natural recovery of soil fertility.

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