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  • - Biết sử dụng phím Shift để gõ phím chữ hoa, các tự trên trên phím có hai ký tự. - Có thái độ nghiêm túc trong học tập. II. Chuẩn bị - Chuẩn bị một bàn phím máy tính. III. Các hoạt động dạy học chủ yếu Nội dung A. Phân nhóm (3 phím) B. Bài mới (20 phím) 1. Cách gõ - Hai phím Shift nằm ở hai bên hàng phím dưới. 2 ngón tay út được dùng để nhẫn giữ hai phím này. - Phím Shift dùng cho việc gõ chữ in hoa hoặc các ký tự...

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  • Mod ống kính, mà cụ thể là tự chế một thiết bị bình dân thành một ống hiend có thể coi là một thú vui rất.. kinh tế của dân chơi ảnh. Trong một thể loại chụp đòi hòi thiết bị chuyên dụng như Tilt Shift, điều này càng thể hiện rõ. Một số tay độ máy đã thử nghiệm thành công việc tạo ống Tilt Shift bằng cách gắn một male EOS adapter vào một toilet-plunger (dụng cụ thông toilet, rất phổ biến ở nước ngoài, Việt Nam mình thì ít dùng hơn.

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  • The TPIC6B595 is a monolithic, high-voltage, medium-current power 8-bit shift register designed for use in systems that require relatively high load power. The device contains a built-in voltage clamp on the outputs for inductive transient protection. Power driver applications include relays, solenoids, and other mediumcurrent or high-voltage loads.

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  • When choosing a photograph for the tilt-shift effect, bear in mind that you want to give the impression of a miniature model. Miniature models are usually viewed from above so try and choose a photo with an elevated viewpoint. Buildings, roads, traffic and railways are excellent choices but make sure there is a reasonable wide angle of view.

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  • PLANNING DEVELOPMENT: THE STATE, GLOBALIZATION, AND SHIFTING LOCUS OF PLANNING There are two obvious ways to correct Hoxby’s specification for this bias. First, in the spirit of so-called “Heckman corrections” (Heckman, 1979; Card and Payne, 2002), one can control directly for functions of the MSA private enrollment rate in models for public school students.

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  • Chụp ảnh tilt-shift trên iPhone Không cần đến ống kính trượt chuyên dụng, smartphone của Apple cũng có thể cho ra đời những bức ảnh có hiệu ứng "thu nhỏ" nhờ phần mềm. Ứng dụng TiltShift. Tilt-shift (ống kính trượt) là kỹ thuật dịch chuyển và xoay ống kính để chỉ có một phần bức ảnh được rõ nét còn các phần khác mờ đi, tạo cảm giác chủ thể trong ảnh có kích thước nhỏ hơn nhiều so với thực tế.

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  • Tax Motivated Cost-Shifting by Tax-Exempt Organizations I have benefited from discussions with David Autor, Jared Bernstein, Ken Chay, Tom Davidoff, John DiNardo, Nada Eissa, Jonah Gelbach, Alan Krueger, David Lee, Darren Lubotsky, Rob McMillan, Jack Porter, and Diane Whitmore, and from participants at several seminars where I have presented versions of the work contained here. I also thank my various officemates over the last five years, particularly Liz Cascio, Justin McCrary, Till von Wachter, and Eric Verhoogen, for many helpful conversations.

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  • In particular, we examine whether the discourse coherence found in an essay, as de ned by a measure of relative proportion of Rough-Shift transitions, might be a signi cant contributor to the accuracy of computer-generated essay scores. Our positive nding validates the role of the Rough-Shift transition and suggests a route for exploring Centering Theory's practical applicability to writing evaluation and instruction.

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  • The wavelength shift effect of the Whispering Gallery Mode (WGM) laser with Er3+ /Yb3+ co-doped phosphate glass microsphere has been investigated. The experiment was carried out by half fiber taper coupling technique. The microsphere lasers have been pumped at 980 nm to take full advantage of energy transfer effect from ion Ytterbium to ion Erbium. The WGM’s wavelength shift were analyzed for sphere diameters of 90 µm. The observed lasing lines extends from 1532 nm to 1611 nm.

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  • This report presents the results of a theoretical analysis of a frequency-hopping, multiple-frequency-shift-keyed, spread-spectrum communication system using a nonprocessing communication satellite transponder. A large number of users are assumed to be hopping pseudo-randomly about the transponder passband in time synchronization and approximate frequency synchronization. The users are assumed to ......

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  • CCG s are directly compatible with binarybranching bottom-up parsing algorithms, in particular CKY and shift-reduce algorithms. While the chart-based approach has been the dominant approach for CCG, the shift-reduce method has been little explored. In this paper, we develop a shift-reduce CCG parser using a discriminative model and beam search, and compare its strengths and weaknesses with the chart-based C&C parser. We study different errors made by the two parsers, and show that the shift-reduce parser gives competitive accuracies compared to C&C. ...

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  • We introduce an algorithm for designing a predictive left to right shift-reduce non-deterministic push-down machine corresponding to an arbitrary unrestricted context-free grammar and an algorithm for efficiently driving this machine in pseudo-parallel. The performance of the resulting parser is formally proven to be superior to Earley's parser (1970). The technique employed consists in constructing before run-time a parsing table that encodes a nondeterministic machine in the which the predictive behavior has been compiled out. ...

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  • Shifting African Identities is the second in a three-volume series entitled Identity? Theory, Politics, History. The series itself is a collaborative research and publishing venture involving the HSRC, the South African-based Institute for Global Dialogue (IGD), the Mayibuye Centre of the University of the Western Cape and two noted international research institutes, the French Institute of South Africa (IFAS) and the Nordic Africa Institute based in Upsalla, Sweden.

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  • Recently proposed deterministic classifierbased parsers (Nivre and Scholz, 2004; Sagae and Lavie, 2005; Yamada and Matsumoto, 2003) offer attractive alternatives to generative statistical parsers. Deterministic parsers are fast, efficient, and simple to implement, but generally less accurate than optimal (or nearly optimal) statistical parsers. We present a statistical shift-reduce parser that bridges the gap between deterministic and probabilistic parsers.

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  • We present a technique that improves the efficiency of word-lattice parsing as used in speech recognition language modeling. Our technique applies a probabilistic parser iteratively where on each iteration it focuses on a different subset of the wordlattice. The parser’s attention is shifted towards word-lattice subsets for which there are few or no syntactic analyses posited.

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  • Native speakers of English show definite and consistent preferences for certain readings of syntactically ambiguous sentences. A user of a natural-language-processing system would naturally expect it to reflect the same preferences. Thus, such systems must model in some way the linguistic performance as well as the linguistic competence of the native speaker. We have developed a parsing algorithm--a variant of the LALR(I} shift.

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  • Many parsing techniques including parameter estimation assume the use of a packed parse forest for efficient and accurate parsing. However, they have several inherent problems deriving from the restriction of locality in the packed parse forest. Deterministic parsing is one of solutions that can achieve simple and fast parsing without the mechanisms of the packed parse forest by accurately choosing search paths. We propose (i) deterministic shift-reduce parsing for unification-based grammars, and (ii) best-first shift-reduce parsing with beam thresholding for unification-based grammars.

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  • Research objectives: Can analyze the current situation and characteristics of natural rehabilitation of flora carpet on lands after shifting cultivation as a basis for building the classification of rehabilitation capacity in the study area; can assess the protection capacity of flora carpet on lands after shifting cultivation, can classify rehabilitation potential of forest on lands after shifting cultivation through forest time natural rehabilitation, and propose some silviculture solutions for forest rehabilitation on lands after shifting cultivation in the watershed protection area.

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  • Tilt-shift photo là phương pháp làm cho các đối tượng trong ảnh bị thu nhỏ lại như chụp mô hình, đồ chơi. Về nguyên tắc ảnh tilt-shift làm nông DOF của hình ảnh, làm ta có cảm giác như nhìn nó rất gần, biểu hiện là ảnh chỉ sắc nét ở bề ngang giữa ảnh và bị blur hai vùng trên và dưới.

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  • Khi soạn thảo văn bản trong Word, đa số người dùng chỉ bấm phím Shift khi cần gõ chữ in hoa trong trường hợp không bấm phím Caps Lock. Thật ra, nếu khéo sử dụng phím Shift, bạn sẽ giảm được nhiều thời gian trong việc định dạng và xử lý văn bản.

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