Shock equations

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  • Shocks in fluids result from fluid flow that is more rapid than the speed of a compression wave. Thus there is no means for the flow to adjust gradually. Pressure, velocity, and temperatures change abruptly, causing severe fatigue and component destruction in military aircraft and engine turbines. This problem is not limited to supersonic aircraft; many parts of subsonic craft are supersonic.

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  • The Naval Facilities Engineering Command seeks to expand the technology base upon which future shore facilities are founded. An important area in which a new design approach is being developed is in the management and understanding of those characteristics of earthquake and explosively generated foundation motions that damage or destroy Naval equipment. This report is a part of the design method development. Specifically, it documents and offers a new method of shock and response spectrum computation.

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  • ON A SHOCK PROBLEM INVOLVING A NONLINEAR VISCOELASTIC BAR NGUYEN THANH LONG, ALAIN PHAM NGOC DINH, AND TRAN NGOC DIEM Received 3 August 2004 and in revised form 23 December 2004 We treat an initial boundary value problem for a nonlinear wave equation utt − uxx + K |u|α u + λ|ut |β ut = f (x,t) in the domain 0

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  • A brief introduction is provided in this section about Aerodynamics in general. However, the focus is mainly on low speed flow. Concepts have been introduced without too much rigor. This would hopefully help the reader to get a first glimpse of the subject without getting into too many details. Figures have been used to explain concepts wherever possible. Lengthy derivations have been avoided because reference books could be used for that purpose. Main equations to remember have been provided straight away with relevant explanation....

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  • Physical chemistry is an unexpected shock to many university students. From the semi- empirical approaches of the school laboratory, first year undergraduates suddenly find themselves propelled into an unexpected quagmire of definitions and equations. Worse still, although the applicability of the subject is sometimes obvious, studying the behavior of a particle in an infinitely deep well can seem nothing short of farcical on first approach.

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  • The paper seeks to assess how a major policy regime change – such as the introduction of the currency board in Bulgaria – affects the flow of bank credit to the corporate sector. An attempt is made to identify the determinants of corporate credit separately from the viewpoint of lenders and borrowers. The estimated credit supply and credit demand equations provide empirical evidence of important changes in microeconomic behavioral patterns which can be associated with the policy regime change.

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  • The bald and wrinkled head wobbled a bit on the thin neck, and his eyes were moist. Abravanel was a very old man. Looking at him, Neel realized for the first time just how old and close to death he was. It was a profoundly shocking thought. "Pardon me, sir," Neel broke in, "but is it possible? To lose a planet, I mean. If the readings are done correctly, and the k-factor equations worked to the tenth decimal place, then it's really just a matter of adjustment, making the indicated corrections. After all, Societics is an exact science—"...

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  • Chapter 36 - Current issues in macro theory and policy. In this chapter, you will learn to: Describe alternative perspectives on the causes of macroeconomic instability, including the views of mainstream economists, monetarists, real-business-cycle advocates, and proponents of coordination failures; explain what the equation of exchange is and how it relates to "monetarism"; discuss why new classical economists believe the economy will "self-correct" from aggregate demand and aggregate supply shocks;...

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