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  • The main contents of this chapter include all of the following: Work center defined, typical scheduling and control functions, job-shop scheduling, examples of scheduling rules, shop-floor control, principles of work center scheduling, issues in scheduling service personnel.

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  • Chapter 16 - Scheduling. When you finish this chapter, you should be able to: Explain what scheduling involves and the importance of good scheduling, compare product and service scheduling hierarchies, describe scheduling needs in high-volume systems,...

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  • In this chapter, the learning objectives are: Detailed scheduling of individual jobs through work centers in a shop has been the focus of numerous researchers. Focusing on some basic concepts and results and relating them to some newer manufacturing approaches can show how to apply results in different operating situations.

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  • Chapter 12 "Scheduling", after studying this chapter you will be able to: Provide insight into the scheduling of intermittent processes, emphasize the prevalence of job shops, especially in service operations, present examples showing the importance of worker scheduling in service sector job shops,...

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  • Bài báo này phân tích các thuộc tính hội tụ của NHGA bằng cách áp dụng các tính chất của xích Markov. Trên cơ sở phân tích xích Markov của thuật toán di truyền, chúng tôi đã chứng minh tính hội tụ tới tối ưu toàn cục của phương pháp mã hóa số tự nhiên.

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  • For many manufacturing enterprises, assembly is an important portion of the final costs. Effectiveness was traditionally hunted for by reducing complex schedules into unit tasks (scientific work organization) and by enabling sequential assembly lines (vertical flow-shop). The approach leads to the highest productivity, and it is prised for mass production. Flow-lines and fixed schedules, however, require amortisation plans based on steady programmes on duty horizons corresponding to product volumes exceeding some minimal threshold.

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