Sided structures

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  • The Canadian Institute of Steel Construction is a national industry organization representing the structural steel, open-web steel joist and steel plate fabricating industries in Canada. Formed in 1930 and granted a Federal charter in 1942, the CISC functions as a nonprofit organization promoting the efficient and economic use of fabricated steel in construction.

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  • The interior structure of the earth is layered in spherical shells, like an pears. Earth has an outer silicate solid crust , a highly viscous mantle, a liquid outer core that is much less viscous than the mantle, and a solid inner core .The structure of the Earth can be determined in two ways, including mechanical or chemical properties such as rheology. Mechanically, we divided it into five layers, including the lithosphere, the atmosphere soft, middle coating, outer core, and inner core. On the chemical side, we split it into the crust, upper mantle, lower crust mantle, outer core and...

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  • The ubiquinone coenzyme Q (CoQ) is synthesized in mitochondria with a large, hydrophobic isoprenoid side chain. It functions in mitochondrial res-piration as well as protecting membranes from oxidative damage. Yeast that cannot synthesize CoQ (DCoQ) are viable, but cannot grow on nonfer-mentable carbon sources, unless supplied with ubiquinone.

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  •  What is the difference between art anatomy and Bridgman's concept of the human machine? The human machine is the body as not only a fixed framework but also as a complex work of art which moves and was designed to move. In over 400 drawings, George B. Bridgman demonstrates the machine through the presentations which made him a gifted lecturer and teacher in his nearly fifty years at the Art Students League in New York and which gave life to drawings by his many students during those years.

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  • Dermaseptin S9 (Drs S9), GLRSKIWLWVLLMIWQESNKFKKM, iso-lated from frog skin, does not resemble any of the cationic and amphipathic antimicrobial peptides identified to date, having a highly hydrophobic core sequence flanked at either side by cationic termini.

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  • Palytoxin is a marine toxin responsible for a fatal type of poisoning in humans named clupeotoxism, with symptoms such as neurologic distur-bances. It is believed that it binds to the Na + ⁄K + -ATPase from the extra-cellular side and modifies cytosolic ions; nevertheless, its effects on internal cell structures, such as the cytoskeleton, which might be affected by these initial events, have not been fully elucidated.

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  • ThecellwallofBrevibacteriumsp. VKM Ac-2118 isolated from a frozen (mean annual temperature)12C) late Plio-cene layer, 1.8–3 Myr, Kolyma lowland, Russia, contains mannitol teichoic acidwith a previously unknown structure. This is 1,6-poly(mannitol phosphate) with the majority of the mannitol residues bearing side phosphate groups at O-4(3). The structure of the polymer was established by chemical methods, NMR spectroscopy, and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry.

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  • Strains ofPseudomonas syringaepv. porri are characterized by a number of pathovar-specific phenotypic and genomic characters and constitute a highly homogeneous group. Using monoclonal antibodies, they all were classified in a novelP. syringaeserogroup O9. The O polysaccharides (OPS) isolated from the lipopolysaccharides (LPS) of P. syringaepv.

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  • Now on the same side a• the subjects' point of view. We see the point of view indicated by •patlal delxls In the r e p o r t of problem solving as reflec~ir~ an underlying allocation of effort (or attention). Pew errors occur with problem elements that •re given processing effort, while constraints that •re given little attention are more often violated. %n this way, these reports are reflecting changes Zn the organization of the problem element• that occur over the course of reaching a solution. ...

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  • In 1990, the ten largest firms, in terms of market capitalization, in the world were industrial and natural resource giants that had been in existence for much of the century. By January 2000, the two firms at the top of the list were Cisco and Microsoft, two technology firms that had barely registered a blip on the scale ten years prior. In fact, six of the ten largest firms1, in terms of market capitalization, at the beginning of 2000 were technology firms, and amazingly, four of the six had been in existence for 25 years or less. In an illustration of the speeding up of the...

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  • PL/SQL (Procedural Language/Structured Query Language) is Oracle Corporation's procedural extension language for SQL and the Oracle relational database. Server-side PL/SQL is stored and compiled in the Oracle Database and runs within the Oracle executable. With this guide Oracle developers can work towards accomplishing Oracle 11g Advanced PL/SQL Professional certification, which is the second milestone for developers working at the Associate level.

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  • The art of imaging blood vessels in the human body is called angiography. Since its inception, physicians have benefited from the field of angiography imaging. This has helped them to diagnostically treat patients with various kinds of vascular diseases. Recently, because of the technology growth in fields of acquisition techniques, such as magnetic resonance, computer tomography, digital subtraction angiography, and ultrasound, the vascular imaging research community has become very interested. But acquisition is just one side of the coin.

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  • For a valve having a bonnet, the disk is the third primary principal pressure boundary. The disk provides the capability for permitting and prohibiting fluid flow. With the disk closed, full system pressure is applied across the disk if the outlet side is depressurized. For this reason, the disk is a pressure-retaining part. Disks are typically forged and, in some designs, hard-surfaced to provide good wear characteristics. A fine surface finish of the seating area of a disk is necessary for good sealing when the valve is closed.

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  • We’ve installed and set up two software programs: the Apache web server with PHP , and the MySQL database server . If you followed my recommendation, you would have set them up using an all-in-one package like XAMPP or MAMP , but don’t let that diminish your sense of accomplishment! As I explained in that chapter , PHP is a server-side scripting language that lets you insert instructions into your web pages that your web server software (in most cases, Apache) will execute before it sends those pages to browsers that request them.

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  • The concepts of noncommutative space-time and quantum groups have found growing attention in quantum field theory and string theory. The mathematical concepts of quantum groups have been far developed by mathematicians and physicists of the Eastern European countries. Especially, V. G. Drinfeld from Ukraine, S. Woronowicz from Poland and L. D. Faddeev from Russia have been pioneering the field. It seems to be natural to bring together these scientists with researchers in string theory and quantum field theory of the Western European countries.

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  • Polyamine oxidases are FAD-dependent enzymes catalyzing the oxidation of polyamines at the secondary amino groups.Zea maysPAO (ZmPAO) oxidizes the carbon on the endo-side of the N5-nitrogen of spermidine (Spd) and spermine (Spm).

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  • The heme-regulated phosphodiesterase fromEscherichia coli(EcDOS), which is a heme redox-dependent enzyme, is active with a ferrous heme but inactive with a ferric heme. Global structural changes including axial ligand switching and a change in the rigidity of the FG loop accompanying the heme redox change may be related to the dependence ofEcDOS activity on the redox state.

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  • The present edited book is a collection of 18 chapters written by internationally recognized experts and well-known professionals of the field. Chapters contribute to diverse facets of automation and control. The volume is organized in four parts according to the main subjects, regarding the recent advances in this field of engineering. The first thematic part of the book is devoted to automation. This includes solving of assembly line balancing problem and design of software architecture for cognitive assembling in production systems....

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  • EPR spectroscopy, performed after site-directed spin-labeling, was used to study structural dynamics in a cold-adapted alkaline phosphatase (EC Differences in the structural environment of six spin-labeled side chains allowed them to be classified (with reference to previously obtained mobility maps) as belonging to loop positions (either relatively surface exposed or in structural contact) or helix positions (surface exposed, in contact, or buried).

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  • Highly pathogenic strains ofHelicobacter pyloriuse a type IV secretion sys-tem to inject the CagA protein into human gastric cells. There, CagA asso-ciates with the inner side of the membrane and is tyrosine-phosphorylated at EPIYA motifs by host kinases.

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