Silent death

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  • Ditch Medicine describes advanced medical procedures in a field setting. Should the Pre-Hospital Care Provider (PHCP) find himself in the middle of a medical disaster, his ability to use the procedures in this book can mean the difference between life and death.

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  • We are constantly reminded by health professionals that excessive intake of dietary sodium is linked to hypertension, which is one of the risk factors for the development of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and stroke. They further warn you that excess sodium intake is linked to gastric cancer, decreased bone density, and obesity. That's a fact. If I have to lower my sodium intake, it's not because of CVD or hypertension since I cannot see and feel those silent diseases but rather because of obesity. Good grief, that’s noticeable and I believe in "phát tướng phát bệnh". ...

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  • The struggle of man against his unseen and silent enemies, the lower or bacterial forms of life, once one becomes alive to it, has an irresistible fascination. More dramatic than any novel, more sombre and terrifying than a battle fought in the dark, would be the intimate picture of the battle of our bodies against the hosts of disease.

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  • I knew it was there before I turned and saw it at the top of the stairs. Everyone went silent. Then one of the men picked up his gun and shot at it, but nothing happened. The thing just smiled... Do you want to know about ghosts? There are many kinds.There are ghosts who tell people about death and danger, like the old man of the Bank of England, and the thin, white man of Varley Grange. There are ghosts who come back to find their murderer, like the sailor who died at sea. There are ghosts of people who can never rest because of the...

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  • Championship, the voice went silent as the players raced to the sidelines, lift ed the ailing Case onto their shoulders and carried him to one of the baskets, so he could cut down the nets one last time. Th e voice cracked on the aft ernoon of March 16, 1974, in the deathly silence of Reynolds Coliseum as superstar David Th ompson was wheeled off the court aft er tripping over teammate Phil Spence’s shoulder during the NCAA Tournament East Region championship game. And it boomed when he shared the great news that Th ompson would be all right, causing an explosion of noise that has never...

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  • Immunosuppression significantly decreases the ability of young poultry to respond effectively to standard vaccinations, and also predisposes them to infection by other specific pathogens. How- ever, sub-clinical immunosuppression is often not readily appar- ent to the farmer, and therefore a common “silent” cause of significant economic losses. Pathogens causing such infectious disease conditions are termed “erosive” for site productivity (Shane, 2004).

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  • A silent killer maneuvers just below the surface of almost all the health issues that will lead to death and disease in the 21st century. The U.S. population faces well-recognized health risks, including chronic diseases, environmental degradation, and natural and manmade disasters, but the silent killer is less diagnosed and remains essentially untreated. The silent killer is low health literacy: the reality that almost half of adults in the United States, over 90 million people, struggle to find, understand, and correctly use health information....

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