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  • When compared to the constant lubrication problems associated with chain drives, or the mechanical problems and high costs associated with gear drives, belts are the most cost-effective, reliable means of power transmission. However, optimum belt drive performance requires proper maintenance. The potential for long service life is built into every Gates belt. When coupled with a regularly scheduled maintenance program, belt drives will run relatively trouble-free for a long time.

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  • Slide Bài tập tuần 4: Phân tích yêu cầu phần mềm - Nhóm 3 trình bày một số nội dung về Requirements verification và Requirements validation, Simple check, Prototyping, Functional test design, User manual development, Reviews and Inspections, Fagan inspection. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

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  • Of course this is a good news/bad news report. The good news is that increased driver turnover means that companies are hiring, meaning that the economy continues to strengthen - something we all are happy about. The bad news is that competition for drivers is getting tougher and that ultimately we are looking at a

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  • From simple to advanced, Banner solves more applications in your plant! Presence Absence Inspection Gating Counting Bin-Picking Measuring Light Screens Bin-Picking Color & Color Mark Luminescent Temperature Slot Sensors Vehicle Detection Label Sensing Touch Buttons Pattern Recognition Complex Part Inspection Multi-Component Gauging Part ID/Orientation Assembly Verification Print Verification Position Measure Gauging Level Sensing

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  • The female reproductive system is composed of the external and internal genitalia. The external genitalia (Fig. 2-1) are collectively termed the pudendum or vulva and are directly visible. The internal genitalia include the vagina, cervix, uterus, uterine (fallopian) tubes, and ovaries (Figs. 2-2 and 2-3). Special instruments are required for inspection of the internal genitalia.

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  • For decades, endocytosis has been recognized as a fundamental cellular process that regulates the uptake of small molecules (cell surface proteins, bacteria, toxins, etc.) into the cell. So why, after years of study, does this simple process warrant more discussion? Anyone who has examined the endocytic pathway will appreciate that this conceptually simple mechanism is highly complex and sophisticated. Like ballet dancers who make their synchronous performance seem effortless, the cell brings in molecules via a carefully choreographed mechanism.

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  • In a series of preliminary tests, we examined the pattern of mean daily returns throughout the lunar month, including visual inspections of return histograms. This examination reveals one interesting regularity. We observe that high returns tend to cluster around the new moon date, while low returns tend to cluster around the full moon date. Following this observation, we structure our returns tests to reflect the possible difference between new moon and full moon periods.

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