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  • Pro WCF 4.0: Practical Microsoft SOA Implementation is a complete guide to Windows Communication Foundation from the service-oriented architecture (SOA) perspective, showing you why WCF is important to service-oriented architecture and development. This book provides deep insight into the functionality of WCF, which shipped with .NET 4.0-like service discovery, routing service, simplified configuration, and other advanced features. Included in this title are informative examples that will aid the reader in understanding and implementing these important additions....

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  • This paper presents a hardware implementation of efficient algorithms that uses the mathematical framework. The framework based on the Winograd’s Fourier Transform Algorithm, obtaining a set of formulations that simplify cyclic convolution (CC) computations and CRT.

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  • Instruction Set: The repertoire of instructions of a computer. Different computers have different instruction sets. But with many aspects in common. Early computers had very simple instruction sets. Simplified implementation. Many modern computers also have simple instruction sets.

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  • Although the triggering market events occurred over the two years at the beginning of our review period, direct support continued in later years as well. In some of these instances, fund sponsors delayed direct support by putting in place multi-year guarantees.

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  • Even thought most of the literature does not directly document this negative relationship there are several attempts to prove that discounting both complementary goods at the same time could be a pro table strategy. Theoretical justi cation for holding sale on only one of two complements is grounded in the monopoly paradigm: if a shop lowers a price for one of the goods the optimal price for the other rises as the demand for it increases thus having both goods on sale should not be optimal.

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  • Electronic formats such as HTML, XML, and XBRL are open standards 43 that define or “tag” data using standard definitions. The tags establish a consistent structure of identity and context. This consistent structure can be recognized and processed by a variety of different software applications. In the case of HTML, the standardized tags enable Web browsers to present Web sites’ embedded text and information in a predictable format.

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  • Today, many people believe that as long as a person has strong technical skills, demonstrated a certain amount of aggressiveness and enthusiasm, and has worked on several project teams, he or she could be given the role of project manager. However, project managers can no longer depend on their positions or their own personal initiative to accomplish a goal because most projects managed today are from a matrix organization, in which project managers do not have complete authority over team members.

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  • This book attempts to describe some of the basic grammatical characteristics of the English language in a way accessible to most students of English. For this reason we start at the beginning and take as little as possible for granted. Definitions are given for grammatical concepts when they are first used and there is a glossary at the back of the book to remind the reader of these as he or she works through it. At ...

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  • Ennore Creek becomes the pollution point in Bay of Bengal which influences the marine resources and productivity of the region. This coastal belt in the neighboring areas of the city is viewed as dumping sites for industrial effluents and disposing domestic waste (Arunagiri et al., 1998). The natural wealth of the creek is now being eroded to mere sewage channel (Jayaprakash, 2003). The Ennore Thermal Power Plant uses the river waters as coolant and lets out the warm water, in the Ennore Creek.

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  • The latest downswing in ME was induced by the bursting of the real estate bubble in the US and the subsequent global crisis in the financial markets. External drivers, such as oil price shocks, have often triggered slumps in ME. The major difference to past slumps lies in the fact that the risks have not yet faded out and global disequilibria are sustainable, creating a slightly gloomy outlook on the industry, which will be further discussed in Chapter 1. The long-term outlook for ME in the EU-27 is closely related to regional trends, above all to the degree...

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  • Not shown in Fig. 1 are some elements of the network that complicate security efforts. There may be a corporate firewall or network address translation (NAT) features that will require communication between the building services staff and IT staff, but will also provide greater protection against IT threats. There may be other external connections from a trusted network that bypass the SR, i.e. a modem connection. Also not shown are physical security implementation details.

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  • All of this very detailed information, upbeat as well as terrible, is conveyed by Bob Seamans in his fac- tual presentation of the sequence of major activities involved and is amplified by his personal and profes- sional anecdotes. This is truly a unique and important record of the Apollo program’s achievements and the United States’ demonstrated capability and technological preeminence. I hope this capability will be advanced broadly as we move forward with innovative and beneficial aeronautics, space exploration, space science, and applications activities.

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  • For people like Cindy, who have struggled with no credit, illness, and challenging life situations, a car can make the difference between creating a better life and being stuck in a bad situation. As Cindy said in the documentary, “That car did it for me. The car was the final piece of the puzzle that I needed to complete my goals, which was getting into the apprenticeship and getting a better job and sup- porting my kids. I went to school, tried out for the Iron Workers and was accepted and…just went from there. But I couldn’t have done any of that without...

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  • The database we are releasing today is an updated version of the one we used for the original report. It has been a work-in-progress, and we have further refined it as we have obtained additional details. In particular, we uncovered new information for many of the 919 cases, including details about initial announcement dates and the reasons for the restatements. We performed analyses with the new information and determined that the new data resulted in only minor changes to the effects and trends we had initially reported. ...

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  • If
Spain1 ,

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  • To our knowledge no research has yet exam- ined computer and interactive game use in infants and toddlers, although these products are now being developed for children as young as six months of age and some parents report that their infants and toddlers use these media regularly. Based on a recent sur- vey of parents, the Kaiser Family Foundation estimated that 61 percent of children under age two use screen media (television, videos, DVDs) on a typical day and 43 percent of infants and toddlers watch television every day.

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  • Elements of ubiquitous learning Ubiquitous learning refers to a context-aware learning environment that learners engage in with a mobile device and the Internet (Chang, Sheu & Chan, 2003; Li, Zheng, Ogata & Yano, 2005; Tan, Liu & Chang, 2007). Chang (2003) mentioned three main fundamental elements for ubiquitous learning, including (a) a mobile device, such as a PDA (personal digital assistant), web pad or tablet PC, which is small, light, portable and customised with a wireless facility; (b) communication facility, such...

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  • The revised ADA rules and the 2010 Standards contain new requirements for elements in existing facilities that were not addressed in the original 1991 Standards. These include recreation facilities such as swimming pools, play areas, exercise machines, miniature golf facilities, and bowling alleys. Because these elements were not included in the 1991 Standards, they are not subject to the safe harbor.

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  • Our empirical evidence is broadly consistent with the predictions of the entrenchment and information effects arguments. We find that earnings informativeness, measured by the earnings-return relation, is significantly negatively related to the ultimate owner’s control level, conditional on the owner having gained effective control. This evidence is consistent with the information effect. We also find that earnings informativeness is significantly negatively related to the degree of divergence between the ultimate owner’s control and the equity ownership level.

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  • Developing an effective leadership team involves a process. Over time, an effective team develops a comfortable discipline of working together. They develop the ability to balance their conversations both on big strategic questions and small next steps. The best regional leadership teams operate in a warm permissive atmosphere in which honest perspectives, whether hostile or friendly, can be accepted and discussed in an objective way. How did these leadership teams evolve? First, they do not emerge magically from a static list of “stakeholders.

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