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  • Building on MATLAB (the language of technical computing), Simulink provides a platform for engineers to plan, model, design, simulate, test and implement complex electromechanical, dynamic control, signal processing and communication systems. Simulink-Matlab combination is very useful for developing algorithms, GUI assisted creation of block diagrams and realisation of interactive simulation based designs. The eleven chapters of the book demonstrate the power and capabilities of Simulink to solve engineering problems with varied degree of complexity in the virtual environment....

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  • MATLAB® & Simulink® are the premier software packages for technical computation, data analysis, and visualization in education and industry. The Student Version of MATLAB & Simulink provides all of the features of professional MATLAB, with no limitations, and the full functionality of professional Simulink, with model sizes up to 300 blocks. The Student Version gives you immediate access to the high-performance numeric computing power you need.

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  • This book has been designed as a reference book for students or engineers studying communication systems possibly in the curriculum of Electrical Engineering program rather than a text book for any course on communication. Readers are supposed to have taken at least two junior-level courses, one on signals and systems and another one on probability and random processes.

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  • This is the first book in a three-volume series deploying MATLAB-based applications in almost every branch of science. This volume, presents interesting topics from different areas of engineering, signal and image processing based on the MATLAB environment. The book consists of 20 excellent, insightful articles and the readers will find the results very useful to their work. This collection of high quality articles, refers to a large range of professional fields and may be used for scientific, engineering and educational purposes....

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  • This supplement to any standard communication systems text is one of the first books to successfully integrate the use of MATLAB? in the study of communication systems concepts and problems. It has been developed for instructors and students who wish to make use of MATLAB? as an integral part of their study. The former will find the means by which to use MATLAB? as a powerful tool to motivate students and illustrate essential theory without having to customize the applications themselves; the latter will find relevant problems quickly and easily.

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  • This book describes the principles of image and video compression techniques and introduces current and popular compression standards, such as the MPEG series. Derivations of relevant compression algorithms are developed in an easy-to-follow fashion. Numerous examples are provided in each chapter to illustrate the concepts. The book includes complementary software written in MATLAB SIMULINK to give readers hands-on experience in using and applying various video compression methods. Readers can enhance the software by including their own algorithms....

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  • Telephone and e-mail access to our technical support staff is not available for students running the MATLAB & Simulink Student Version unless you are experiencing difficulty installing or downloading MATLAB or related products. There are numerous other vehicles of technical support that you can use. The “Additional Sources of Information” section in the CD holder identifies the ways to obtain support.

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  • Control Systems Simulation Using Matlab and Simulink

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  • This text is an introduction to Simulink ®, a companion application to MATLAB ®. It is written for students at the undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as for the working professional. Although some previous knowledge of MATLAB would be helpful, it is not absolutely necessary; Appendix A of this text is an introduction to MATLAB to enable the reader to begin learning both MATLAB and Simulink simultaneously, and to perform graphical computations and programming.

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  • MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) is a matrix-oriented tool for mathematical programming, applied for numerical computation and simulation purposes. Together with its dynamic simulation toolbox Simulink, as a graphical environment for the simulation of dynamic systems, it has become a very powerful tool suitable for a large number of applications in many areas of research and development.

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  • The objectives of this laboratory are: 1. To introduce the spectrum analyzer as used in frequency domain analysis. 2. To identify various types of linear modulated waveforms in time and frequency domain representations. 3. To implement theoretically functional circuits using the Communications Module Design System (CMDS). Equipment List 1. PC with Matlab and Simulink .I. Spectrum Analyzer and Function Generator. This section deals with looking at the spectrum of simple waves. We first look at the spectrum of a simple sine wave.

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  • Giải pháp. Sử dụng phương trình vi phân, người ta phải xây dựng các sơ đồ simulink. Từ phương trình vi phân khối đưa ra ở trên, chúng ta có được các thiết lập của phương trình sau đây được sử dụng trong mô hình

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  • Tham khảo sách 'signals and systems with matlab computing and simulink modeling', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, tự động hoá phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Inductive learning or classification of objects from large-scale empirical data sets is an important research area in artificial intelligence (AI). In recent years, many techniques have been developed to perform inductive learning. Among them, the decision tree learning technique is the most popular.

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  • The purpose of ebook Control engineering problems with solutions is to provide both worked examples and additional problems, with answers only. A major objective is to enable the reader to develop confidence in analytical work by showing how calculations can be checked using Matlab/Simulink.

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