Sintering technologies

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  • Sintering refers to the science and technology of production objects from fines or powders. Being a very complex phenomenon, sintering covers a broad subject field and combines chemistry, physics and mechanics. Sintering deals with various material systems such as metals, non-metals, ceramics, polymers, and their combinations. Processes of sintering may occur in a wide temperature range - in a solid state as well as with participation of a liquid phase.

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  • • This chapter aims to provide additional information on several techniques of metal forming processes other than those conventional process already mentioned in previous chapters. • The requirements for the process selection will be added, which are based on advantages and disadvantages of each type of non-conventional metal forming processes.

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  • Temperature Measurement in Industrial Appliances The majority of industrial appliances, and especially industrial heating appliances are equipped not only with temperature measurement and recording installations, but also with temperature control systems. The control systems are necessary for optimal, or at least correct, operation of technological processes such as heat treatment of metals, ceramic firing, sintering, melting, drying etc . For these reasons it has been decided to treat also the problems of temperature measurement for control purposes in this chapter .

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  • The hard magnetic ferrite system of Sr1-xLaxFe12-yCoyO19 with x = 0.0-0.3 and y = 0.00.3 has been prepared by traditional ceramic technology and showed hexagonal crystalline structure of M-Type.The anisotropic sample Sr0.8 La0.2Fe11.7Co0.3O19 + 0.5% weight SiO2 sintered at 1280oC/2h has the best hard magnetic properties, namely Br = 4.66 kG; BHC = 3.46 kOe and (BH)max = 5.70 MG.Oe.

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