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  • In July 2009, the wife of a high-level government executive in the United Kingdom published personal data in a social networking site. This garnered a lot of attention, not for the confidentiality of the content but for the lack of awareness there is about the accessibility of your online content. There is also another issue at play here, which is the fact that once you publish any picture online, you lose control over it as people leech and republish it on places you do not even know.

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  • This chapter presents the relational model and three relational languages. The rela- tional model (Section 3.1) is used extensively throughout the text as is the relational algebra (Section 3.2). The chapter also covers the tuple relational calculus (Section 3.6) and domain relational calculus (Section 3.7) (which is the basis of the QBE language described in Chapter 5). Classes that emphasize only SQL may omit the relational calculus languages. Our notation for the tuple relational calculus makes it easy to present the con- cept of a safe query.

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  • Aloesone synthase (ALS) and chalcone synthase (CHS) are plant-specific type III poyketide synthases sharing 62% amino acid sequence identity. ALS selects acetyl-CoA as a starter and carries out six successive condensa-tions with malonyl-CoA to produce a heptaketide aloesone, whereas CHS catalyses condensations of 4-coumaroyl-CoA with three malonyl-CoAs to generate chalcone.

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  • Upon mutation of Asp153 by asparagine, the catalytic activity of agmatinase (agmatine ureohydrolase, EC coliwas reduced to about 5% of wild-type activity. Tryptophan emission fluorescence (kmax ¼340 nm), and CD spectra were nearly identical for wild-type and D153N agmatinases. TheKmvalue for agmatine (1.6 ± 0.1 mM),aswellastheKi for putrescine inhibition (12 ± 2 mM)and the interaction of the enzyme with the requiredmetal ion,werealsonot alteredbymutation.

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  • In the biosynthesis of the antiarrhythmic alkaloid ajmaline, polyneuridine aldehyde esterase (PNAE) catalyses a central reaction by transforming polyneuridine aldehyde into epivellosimine, which is the immediate precursor for the synthesis of the ajmalane skeleton. The PNAE cDNA was previously heterologously expressed in E. coli. Sequence alignments indicated that PNAE has a 43% identity to a hydroxynitrile lyase from Hevea brasiliensis, which is a member of the a/b hydrolase superfamily. The catalytic triad, which is typical for this family, is conserved.

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  • The plant enzyme phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (PAL, EC shows homology to histidine ammonia-lyase (HAL) whose structure has been solved by X-ray crystallography. Based on amino-acid sequence alignment of the two enzymes, mutagenesis was performed on amino-acid residues that were identical or similar to the active site residues in HAL to gain insight into the importance of this residues in PAL for substrate binding or catalysis. We mutated the following amino-acid residues: S203, R354, Y110, Y351, N260, Q348, F400, Q488 and L138....

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  • This volume contains edited versions of papers that were presented at the 2001 Advertising and Consumer Psychology Conference in Seattle, Washington. This annual conference was sponsored by the Society for Consumer Psychology (Division 23 of the American Psychological Association) with sponsorship assistance from Accenture Institute for Strategic Change.

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  • ATP-dependent Lon proteases belong to the superfamily of AAA + proteins. Until recently, the identity of the residues involved in their proteolytic active sites was not elucidated. However, the putative catalytic Ser–Lys dyad was recently suggested through sequence comparison of more than 100 Lon proteases from various sources. The presence of the catalytic dyadwas experimentally confirmedby site-directed mutagenesis of theEscherichia coliLon protease and by determination of the crystal structure of its proteolytic domain.

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  • Glycogen phosphorylases (GPs) constitute a family of widely spread catabolica1,4-glucosyltransferases that are active as dimers of two identical, pyridoxal 5¢-phosphate-containing subunits. In GP fromCorynebacterium callunae, physiological concentrations of phosphate are required to inhibit dissociation of protomers and cause a 100-fold increase in kinetic stability of the functional quarternary structure.

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  • Human aromatase is responsible for estrogen biosynthesis and is implicated, in particular, in reproduction and estro-gen-dependent tumor proliferation. Themolecular structure model is largelyderived fromtheX-ray structure of bacterial cytochromes sharing only 15±20% identities with hP-450arom. In the present study, site directed mutagenesis experiments were performed to examine the role of K119, C124, I125, K130, E302, F320, D309, H475, D476, S470, I471 and I474 of aromatase in catalysis and for substrate binding....

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  • Learn from the pros! Illustrated throughout with full-color images of top sites -- including those of Starbucks, Purina, the Getty Center, Salon Magazine, and Carnegie Hall -- this hands-on guide is your blueprint for successful Web architecture. Each chapter explores a different secret, from building a hierarchy and mapping links to developing vivid themes and planning for expansion.

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  • Electronic formats such as HTML, XML, and XBRL are open standards 43 that define or “tag” data using standard definitions. The tags establish a consistent structure of identity and context. This consistent structure can be recognized and processed by a variety of different software applications. In the case of HTML, the standardized tags enable Web browsers to present Web sites’ embedded text and information in a predictable format.

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  • The author would scarcely have penned this little specimen of what Scott called "antiquarian old womanries," but for the interest which he takes in the universally diffused archaic patterns on rocks and stones, which offer a singular proof of the identity of the working of the human mind. Anthropology and folklore are the natural companions and aids of prehistoric and proto-historic archaeology, and suggest remarks which may not be valueless, whatever view we may take of the disputed objects from the Clyde sites.

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  • SQL injection vulnerabilities have been described as one of the most serious threats for Web applications [3, 11]. Web applica- tions that are vulnerable to SQL injection may allow an attacker to gain complete access to their underlying databases. Because these databases often contain sensitive consumer or user information, the resulting security violations can include identity theft, loss of con- fidential information, and fraud. In some cases, attackers can even use an SQL injection vulnerability to take control of and corrupt the system that hosts the Web application.

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  • TP53is one of the most commonly mutated genes in human tumours. Variations in the types and frequencies of mutations at different tumour sites suggest that they may provide clues to the identity of the causative mutagenic agent. A useful model for studying humanTP53mutagenesis is the partial human TP53knock-in (Hupki) mouse containing exons 4–9 of humanTP53in place of the corresponding mouse exons.

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  • Exhibitors will be released from the Piers at 6 pm. An identical process will be used for Loading vehicles as was used for Unloading vehicles in the morning. Vehicles will first be staged on 57th Street (Westbound) between 11th & 12th Avenues commencing at 4:30 pm. Commencing at 6 pm, crate handlers will assist those needing help to the Loading area, vehicles will be dispatched by Stella personnel from the Staging area to the Piers for Loading which will continue to be managed by Site Control personnel.

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  • The Na + F1F0 ATP synthase operon of the anaerobic, acetogenic bacte-rium Acetobacterium woodiiis unique because it encodes two types of csubunits, two identical 8 kDa bacterial F0-like csubunits (c2 and c3 ), with two transmembrane helices, and a 18 kDa eukaryal V0 -like (c1 ) csubunit, with four transmembrane helices but only one binding site.

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  • Ferritin from the spleen of the Antarctic teleost Trematomus bernacchii is composed of a single subunit that contains both the ferroxidase center residues, typical of mammalian H chains, and the carboxylate residues forming the micelle nucleation site, typical of mammalian L chains. Comparison of the amino-acid sequence with those available from lower vertebrates indicates that T. bernacchii ferritin can be classified as an M-type homopolymer. Interestingly, the T. bernacchii ferritin chain shows 85.7% identity with a coldinducible ferritin chain of the rainbow trout Salmo gairdneri....

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  • The human body has various defence mechanisms to eliminate these undesirable foreign objects. Two processes are involved: chemical dissolution for soluble particles and physical translocation, i.e., transport from one place to another, for insoluble or low-solubility particles. Soluble ultrafine dusts will act at the solubilization site and will not be discussed here, since the effects are highly variable depending on the dust composition and identical to those of larger dusts which are also solubilized.

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  • Historians agree that Plato is the man sitting in the middle of the scene, beneath one of the sacred olive trees. He sits with bare feet and points to something on the globe. The identities of Plato’s companions are less certain. They may be individuals named by the ancient Roman historian Vitruvius as the great ancient astronomers, including Pythagoras of Samos who is best known for developing the Pythagorean Theorem.

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