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  • Sensitive skin is becoming a common clinical condition that dermatologists should be prepared to recognize, understand, and treat. Subjects experiencing this condition report exaggerated reactions when their skin is in contact with cosmetics, soaps, and other substances, and they often report worsening after exposure to dry and cold climates. Sensitive skin and subjective irritation are widespread in western countries, but still far from being completely defined and understood.

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  • I. THIẾT KẾ XÀ GỒ: Xà gồ mái chịu tác dụng của tải trọng tấm mái, lớp cách nhiệt và trọng lượng bản thân của xà gồ. Lớp mái và xà gồ được chọn trước theo tài liệu “ Pre – Engineered Buildings Design Manual”. Sau đó được kiểm tra lại theo điều kiện bền và điều kiện biến dạng của xà gồ. - Tấm lợp mái : (single skin panels) hình dạng tấm lợp mái chọn như sau: Có các thông số kỹ thuật :...

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  • More serious rusting can lead to obvious holes in the metalwork, or as often happens in double skinned areas such as rear wheelarches or door bottoms, rust or blisters which appear because the panel has rusted quietly away from the inside. By the time the first signs show, the metal in that area is already beyond help. The only long term repair will involve a panel\section replacement, or if the area is very small and the rest of the panel is absolutely sound, body solder can be used effectively. For a purely cosmetic temporary repair, the affected area can...

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  • Malassezia sympodialisis an opportunistic yeast that col-onizes human skin and may induce IgE and T cell reac-tivity in patients with atopic eczema/dermatitis syndrome (AEDS). Previously, we have cloned and expressed six recombinant allergens (rMala s 1 and rMala s 5 to rMal-a s 9) from this yeast. By combining high throughput screening and phage surface display techniques, 27 com-plete and partial IgE-binding clones of M. sympodialis have been identified. Here we enlarged the panel of recombinant M.

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  • Very limited evidence was available to inform the following recommendations on screening. No prospective studies have evaluated the impact of screening on survival, quality of life, or morbidity from treatment for skin cancer nor are there data on the adverse effects of screening for skin cancer. As experts in the treatment and epidemiology of skin cancer, the guideline panel members were aware that some individuals are at increased risk for skin cancer because of personal characteristics or history.

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