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  • Since the 1980s, he has published many books on political, scientific, and faith-related issues. Harun Yahya is well-known as the author of important works disclosing the imposture of evolutionists, their invalid claims, and the dark liaisons between Darwinism and such bloody ideologies as fascism and communism. Harun Yahya's works, translated into 63 different languages,

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  • At last the tea came up, and so With that our tongues began to go. Now in that house you're sure of knowing The smallest scrap of news that's going. We find it there the wisest way To take some care of what we say. RECREATION. JANE TAYLOR I was born on the 2nd September, 1886, in a small, dull, country town. When I say the town was dull, I mean, of course, that the inhabitants were unenterprising, for in itself Muddleton was a picturesque place, and though it laboured under the usual disadvantage of a dearth of bachelors and a superfluity of spinsters, it might...

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  • The economic insecurity and deprivation is looking up on the fact that whether elderly are in a position to maintain a minimum living slandered in terms of access to economic resources which is measured in terms poverty either as income poverty, subsistence poverty in terms of basic need, capability poverty in terms of dependency. The income poverty is measured in terms of ability of the aged to maintain minimum income level on which physical efficiency is maintained and is considered a parameter of deprivation among the aged. (Rowntree. 1941).

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  • "I win the battles, Josephine wins me the hearts." These words of Napoleon are the most beautiful epitaph of the Empress Josephine, the much-loved, the much-regretted, and the much-slandered one.

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  • SOCIAL OR SOCIABLE? siting or sitting? site + ing = siting sit + ing = sitting See ADDING ENDINGS (i) and (ii). Both spellings are correct. See EI/IE SPELLING RULE. sizable/sizeable skein skilful skilfully slain slander slily/slyly sloping or slopping? sly slyly slyness smelled/smelt skilful + ly (exception to -y rule) See ADDING ENDINGS

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  • Among the men and women prominent in the public life of America there are but few whose names are mentioned as often as that of Emma Goldman. Yet the real Emma Goldman is almost quite unknown. The sensational press has surrounded her name with so much misrepresentation and slander, it would seem almost a miracle that, in spite of this web of calumny, the truth breaks through and a better appreciation of this much maligned idealist begins to manifest itself.

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  • There is no doubt that our far-away grandfathers, whether of English, French, Dutch, Scotch or Irish blood, were much more afraid of ridicule than they were even of sinning, and far more than we are of extreme derision or mockery to-day. This fear and sensitiveness they showed in many ways. They were vastly touchy and resentful about being called opprobrious or bantering names; often running petulantly to the court about it and seeking redress by prosecution of the offender. And they were forever bringing suits in petty slander and libel cases.

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