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  • Profit Upgrade: How to Turn Your Workforce into Your Salesforce, and Add GBP 1, 000s, GBP 100, 000s or GBP 1m+ to Your Bottom-line Profits (each Year, and Even in Sluggish Times)

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  • 1/Phó từ chỉ cách thức (Adverbs of manner) ∙Đứng sau động từ. Chẳng hạn, This old man drinks heavily (Ông lão này nghiện rợu nặng), She walked sluggishly (Cô ta đi một cách uể oải). ∙Đứng sau túc từ nếu câu có một túc từ. Chẳng hạn, He rendered me a service voluntarily (Anh ta tự nguyện giúp tôi), They speak French well (Họ nói tiếng Pháp giỏi). ∙Đứng Trước giới từ hoặc sau túc từ khi động từ + giới từ + túc từ (nhưng phải đứng Trước giới từnếu túc từ dài).

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  • Tiếng Pháp thì nói : lent, lentement, avec lenteur, au ralenti, ralentir, tard, attardé, retardé, … Tiếng Anh Mỹ thì : slow, slowness, to slow down, sluggish, tardive, … Tiếng Việt : chậm chạp, chậm rì, rù rờ, lù đu, lù rù, kề rề cà rà, kề cà, con cà con kê, chậm lụt, chậm trễ, trễ nãi, bê trễ, trì trệ, trì hoãn, hoãn đai - chúng ta thấy tiếng Việt có rất nhiều cách nói, còn nhiều hơn cả tiếng Anh Mỹ lẫn tiếng Pháp; ....

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  • “If everyone would implement just 20% of Steve’s guidelines, the Web would be a dramatically better place. Between this book and Steve’s YSlow extension, there’s really no excuse for having a sluggish web site anymore.” — Joe Hewitt, Developer of Firebug debugger and Mozilla’s DOM Inspector

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  • In today’s sluggish and uncertain economy, many people are returning to school to prepare for a new career, one that will support them now and into the future. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) projects that enrollment will rise by 10 percent for students under age 25 and 19 percent for students age 25 or older by 2017 (National Center for Education Statistics, 2009). Understanding your industry and its expectations will facilitate your transition to the workplace and support you in defining your professional role.

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  • We examine whether the predictability of future returns from past returns is due to the market's underreaction to information, in particular to past earnings news. Past return and past earnings surprise each predict large drifts in future returns after controlling for the other. Market risk, size, and book-to-market effects do not explain the drifts. There is little evidence of subsequent reversals in the returns of stocks with high price and earnings momentum.

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  • “If everyone would implement just 20% of Steve’s guidelines, the Web would be a dramatically better place. Between this book and Steve’s YSlow extension, there’s really no excuse for having a sluggish web site anymore.” — Joe Hewitt, Developer of Firebug debugger and Mozilla’s DOM Inspector “Steve Souders has done a fantastic job of distilling a massive, semi-arcane art down to a set of concise, actionable, pragmatic engineering steps that will change the world of web performance.” — Eric Lawrence, Developer of the Fiddler Web Debugger, Microsoft Corporation ...

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  • In Profit and Loss, Mises explains how cost accounting is the critical institution that ferrets out social waste and ensures that resources are directed to their most highly valued ends, and how entrepreneurs respond to price signals. His presentation is systematic, relentless, and logical — Mises is capable of nothing less.

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  • This study contains two objectives. The Örst is the identiÖcation of the public perception of monetary policy to establish a relationship between this perception, the behaviour of monetary authorities and some key economic variables. The second objective is the identiÖcation of the relationship between monetary policy and the term structure of interest rates. In particular, we are interested by the link with long-term interest rates. From this perspective, the works of Kozicki and Tinsley (1998, 2001a, 2001b) are interesting for two reasons.

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  • The delayed response to economic shocks or to changes in monetary policy which characterize the ináation expectations and the interest rate dynamics is also explained by the existence of this asymmetric information set between private agents and monetary authorities. Hence, Huh and Lansing (2000) and Erceg and Levin (2001) are two models which demonstrate how an ináation scare problem could produce a sharp increase of long-term interest rates, as for the Volcker disináation period of the early 1980s and the 1987 ináation scare episode.

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  • What follows is similar to Burdett and Judd (1983). Consider a market with N retailers selling two homogeneous goods labeled A and B. Marginal cost of production ci (i = a; b) is assumed to be constant, independent of a production level of the other good and equal among the retailers. Cost of producing a bundle of one unit of each good will be denoted by cab and is equal to ca + cb. All consumers have identical tastes and their mass per retailer is normalized to one. The consumers demand exactly one unit of each good and the triplet (va; vb; vab) describes their reservation...

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  • She said that progress had been "unsatisfactory" in the fields of energy, transport, environment and health, and biodiversity. Particular sources of disappointment were sluggish promotion of renewable energy and a rise in CO2 transport emissions. But faced with a recent critical review of the EU's sustainable development performance by the EEB, Ms Wallström defended the Commission's achievements in many other areas.

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  • Following a period of sluggish growth, the Euro Area is showing signs of recovery and this is reflected in the GDP growth forecasts for 2006 and 2007. Growth in the final quarter of 2005 was weak at only 0.3 per cent, but we are forecasting a recovery to a stronger rate of 0.7 per cent in the first quarter of 2006. We expect this performance to be maintained through 2006 and so we forecast GDP growth of 2.2 per cent for this year. For 2007, we forecast a slightly slower rate of GDP growth, 2 per cent. The forecast also...

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  • Second, lower output and lower income, together with a poorly functioning financial system, imply that consumption may have depended more on current than on future income, and that investment may have depended more on current than on future profits, with both effects leading to larger multipliers (Eggertsson and Krugman, 2012). 4 Third, and consistent with some of the above mechanisms, a number of empirical studies have found that fiscal multipliers are likely to be larger when there is a great deal of slack in the economy. Based on U.S.

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  • Incoming data on the labor market have remained disappointing. Private-sector employment has grown only sluggishly, the small decline in the unemployment rate is attributable more to reduced labor force participation than to job creation, and initial claims for unemployment insurance remain high. Firms are reluctant to add permanent employees, citing slow growth of sales and elevated economic and regulatory uncertainty.

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  • It is fitting that old men, even those whose trade is war, should end their days in peace, yet it galls me grievously to sit idly here by the fire, in this year of grace 1746, while great things go on in the world about me. The feeble hound at my feet, stretching his crippled limbs to the blaze, dreams of the chase, and bays delighted in his sleep. Nor can I do more than dream and meditate and brood. News of Fontenoy and the glory of Prince Maurice thrills my sluggish blood; again I taste the wild joys of conflict; the clashing steel, the battle...

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  • BRAANOL STIRRED, THROBBED sluggishly once, then lay quiescent as his mental self surged up from the deeps of non-entity. And gradually he came to know that someone had entered the room. His room, far beneath the city. Now he could feel the vibra-currents through the liquids of the huge tanks where he had lain somnolent for untold aeons. It was pleasant, caressing. For a moment he floated there, enjoying to the utmost this strange sensation as the renewed thought-life-force set his every convolution to pulsing. "To be once more aware! O gloriously aware!" the thought came fierce and vibrant.

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  • The curiosity of that man must be very feeble and sluggish, and his appetite for information very weak or depraved, who, when he compares the map of the world, as it was known to the ancients, with the map of the world as it is at present known, does not feel himself powerfully excited to inquire into the causes which have progressively brought almost every speck of its surface completely within our knowledge and access. To develop and explain these causes is one of the objects of the present work; but this object cannot be attained, without pointing out in what manner Geography was...

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