Slums management

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  • Người nghèo đô thị - sự vận động của xã hội và hiện tượng Định nghĩa Một khu vực định cư trái phép có thể định nghĩa là những khu dân cư được phát triển không phép đối với vùng đất đó hoặc không có phép từ chính quyền cho xây dựng. Có 3 đặc tính chính để nhận diện squatter settlement là: - tính chất vật lý, - đặc tính xã hội - và tính hợp pháp

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  • Nearly always it has had its beginning in humble surroundings, with a little boy born in a log cabin in the woods, in a wretched shanty at the edge of a field, in a crowded tenement section or in the slums of a foreign city, who studied and worked by daylight and firelight while he made his living blacking boots or selling papers until he found the trail by which he could climb to what we are pleased to call success. Measured by the standards of Greece and Rome or the Middle Ages, when practically the only form of achievement worth mentioning was fighting to...

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  • The report highlights the best practices from five successful microfinance institutions in Africa. While they are all different in how and where they operate, they are among the most successful microfinance institutions in Africa and share some common traits. They know their clients – the poor in urban slums or in hard-to-reach rural areas – and have tailored their operations to reach them where they live and offer the most appropriate services. They reach their clients by public buses in South Africa, motor scooters in Togo and banks-on-wheels in Mozambique.

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