Snapped fingers

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  • BEN TILMAN sat down in the easiest of all easy chairs. He picked up a magazine, flipped pages; stood up, snapped fingers; walked to the view wall, walked back; sat down, picked up the magazine. He was waiting, near the end of the day, after hours, in the lush, plush waiting room—“The customer’s. This story was published in If: Worlds of Science Fiction, July 1961. Extensive research did not uncover any evidence that the U.S. copyright on this publication was renewed.

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  • There once was a monkey who liked to tease everyone, especially a baby elephant who bothered no one. "Why do you have to tease me?" the baby elephant asked. "It's so fun," said the naughty monkey. Off he went to tease a snapping turtle who always slept with his mouth wide open. The monkey thought it would be so funny to surprise the turtle awake by sticking his finger into its mouth. To the monkey's horror, the turtle reacted in his natural way: by snapping his mouth shut. The monkey yelled in pain, but the turtle, who actually was kind,...

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  • "e're late." Connor greeted her with a disapproving frown. "So?" Vanda Barkowski returned the Scotsman's frown as she stepped into the foyer of Romatech Industries. "I'm not a harem girl anymore. I don't have to come running whenever the great Master snaps his fingers." Connor arched a brow. "Ye were sent an official summons that clearly stated the East Coast Regional Coven Meeting would start at ten o'clock tonight." He locked the door behind her and punched some buttons on a security pad.

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