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  • Content Chapter01 Software Process Models: Introduction, Main concepts, Software Process Models. The economies of all developed nations are dependent on software, more and more systems are software-controlled, Software engineering expenditure represents a significant part of GNP in all developed countries.


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  • Software Engineering: Chapter 2 - Software Processes includes RBAC system for Company A, How to design the whole system, The software process, Software process descriptions, Software process models, The waterfall model, Waterfall model phases, Waterfall model problems,...

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  • This chapter includes contents: What is project management? software process models, cost estimation, building software engineering teams, project scheduling and tracking, contents of a project plan, difficulties and risks in project management.

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  • Chapter 30: Software process improvement. Software process improvement encompasses a set of activities that will lead to a better software process and, as a consequence, higher-quality software delivered in a more timely manner.

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  • After studying this chapter you will be able to understand the role of quality is the development process, build an overall picture of the quality process, identify the main characteristics of a quality process (visibility, anticipation of activities, feedback).

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  • The following will be discussed in this chapter: The roadmap to building high quality software products is software process; software processes are adapted to meet the needs of software engineers and managers as they undertake the development of a software product; a software process provides a framework for managing activities that can very easily get out of control;...

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  • Software reviews are a “filter” for the software process. That is, reviews are applied at various points during software engineering and serve to uncover errors and defects that can then be removed. Software reviews “purify” software engineering work products, including requirements and design models, code, and testing data.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Objected oriented and classical software engineering" has contents: The scope of software engineering, software life cycle models, the software process, teams, the tools of the trade, testing, from modules to objects, reusability and portability, planning and estimating.

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  • Lecture Building reliable component-based systems - Chapter 5: Component-based development process. This chapter presents the following content: Software process models, component-based development, component-based software lifecycle.

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  • Chapter 2 – Software processes. The objective of this chapter is to introduce you to the idea of a software process a coherent set of activities for software production. When you have read this chapter you will: understand the concepts of software processes and software process models; have been introduced to three generic software process models and when they might be used; know about the fundamental process activities of software requirements engineering, software development, testing, and evolution;...

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  • Chapter 13 – Dependability engineering. The objective of this chapter is to discuss processes and techniques for developing highly dependable systems. When you have read this chapter you will: understand how system dependability can be achieved by using redundant and diverse components; know how dependable software processes contribute to the development of dependable software; understand how different architectural styles may be used to implement software redundancy and diversity;...

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  • Chapter 26 – Process improvement. The objective of this chapter is to introduce software process improvement as a way of increasing software quality and reducing development costs. When you have read the chapter, you will: understand the rationale for software process improvement as a means of improving both product quality and the efficiency and effectiveness of software processes; understand the principles of software process improvement and the cyclic process improvement process.

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  • Testing and analysis activities occur throughout the development and evolution of software systems, from early in requirements engineering through delivery and subsequent evolution. Quality depends on every part of the software process, not only on software analysis and testing; no amount of testing and analysis can make up for poor quality arising from other activities.

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  • Mature software processes include documentation standards for all the activities of the software process, including test and analysis activities. Documentation can be inspected to verify progress against schedule and quality goals and to identify problems, supporting process visibility, monitoring, and replicability.

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  • Almost every computer science and computer engineering curriculum now includes a required team-based software development project. In some cases, the project is only one semester or quarter in length, but a year-long team-based software development project is fast becoming the norm.

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  • An introductory course on Software Engineering remains one of the hardest subjects to teach largely because of the wide range of topics the area encompasses. I have believed for some time that we often tend to teach too many concepts and topics in an introductory course resulting in shallow knowledge and little insight on application of these concepts. And Software Engineering is finally about application of concepts to efficiently engineer good software solutions.

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  • The project manager must set expectations about the time required to complete the software among the stakeholders, the team, and the organization’s management. If those expectations are not realistic from the beginning of the project, the stakeholders will not trust the team or the project manager.

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  • Software requirements are documentation that completely describes the behavior that is required of the software-before the software is designed built and tested. Requirements analysts (or business analysts) build software requirements specifications through requirements elicitation. Interviews with the users, stakeholders and anyone else whose perspective needs to be taken into account during the design, development and testing of the software Observation of the users at work Distribution of discussion summaries to verify the data gathered in interviews...

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  • Quality means “conformance to requirements” The best testers can only catch defects that are contrary to specification. Testing does not make the software perfect. If an organization does not have good requirements engineering practices then it will be very hard to deliver software that fills the users’ needs, because the product team does not really know what those needs are.

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  • People begin programming before they understand the problem Everyone likes to feel that they’re making progress When the team starts to code as soon as the project begins, they see immediate gains When problems become more complex (as they always do!), the work gets bogged down In the best case, a team that begins programming too soon will end up writing good software that solves the wrong problem

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