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  • Software quality assurance (SQA) encompasses an SQA process, specific quality assurance and quality control tasks (including technical reviews and a multitiered testing strategy), effective software engineering practice (methods and tools), control of all software work products and the changes made to them,... In this chapter, we focus on the management issues and the process-specific activities that enable a software organization to ensure that it does “the right things at the right time in the right way.”

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  • Lecture Software quality assurance - Chapter 2 presents the SQA components in the project life cycle. Learning objectives in this chapter: Describe differences between of the various software development models; compare the three major review methodologies; explain the fundamental test process;... Inviting you to refer.

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  • Lecture Software quality assurance chapter 3 introduces to the software quality infrastructure components. Learning objectives in this chapter: Explain the procedures, work instructions, templates, checklists of software quality assurance; explain the main objectives of training and certification and list the main components of a certification program; explain the difference between defect correction and corrective and preventive actions;...

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  • Lecture Software quality assurance - Chapter 5 presents the standards and organizing for software quality assurance. Learning objectives of chapter 5 includes: Explain the benefits of using SQA standards, describe the contributions made by use of standards, describe the general principles underlying quality management according to ISO 9000-3,... Inviting you to refer.

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  • Lecture Software quality assurance - Chapter 7 (tt) presents the dynamic techniques. The main contents in this chapter includes: White-box techniques, experience-based techniques; choosing test techniques,... Inviting you to refer.

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  • Lecture Software quality assurance - Chapter 8 presents the contents related to the test management. Learning objectives in chapter 8: Recognize purpose and substance of test plans; summarize the purpose and content of the test plan, test design specification, test procedure documents, test summary report document and incident report according to [IEEE 829]; distinguish between the project and product risks.

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  • Chapter 9 of lecture Software quality assurance introduces the tool support for testing (CAST). The contents in this chapter includes: Types of CAST tool, potential benefits and risks of CAST tool, introducing a tool into an organization, best practice.

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  • Learning objectives in chapter 4: Explain the objectives of project progress control, software quality metrics, costs of software quality measurements; explain the components of project progress control; classify software quality metrics; compare the classic model to the extended mode.

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  • The relationship between the quality of a product and the organization responsible for the development of that product is multidimensional. The relationship depends upon many factors such as the business strategy and business structure of the organization, available talent, and resources needed to produce the product. It also depends upon the combination of activities selected by the organization to achieve the desired product quality.

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  • Static testing techniques are those techniques that test a component or system at a specification or implementation level without execution of the software. The main contents in chapter 6 includes: Categories of test design techniques, reviews and the test process, review process, types of reviews, static analysis. Inviting you to refer.

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  • Learning objectives in chapter 7 "Dynamic techniques" includes: Explain the characteristics and differences between specification-based testing, structure-based testing and experience-based testing; compare the terms test condition, test case and test procedure; write test cases from given software models using techniques: equivalence partitioning, boundary value analysis, decision tables, state transition testing;...

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  • The purpose of this book is to present new concepts, state-of-the-art techniques and advances in quality related research. Novel ideas and current developments in the field of quality assurance and related topics are presented in different chapters, which are organized according to application areas. Initial chapters present basic ideas and historical perspectives on quality, while subsequent chapters present quality assurance applications in education, healthcare, medicine, software development, service industry, and other technical areas....

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  • Lecture "Software testing and quality assurance - Lecture 3: Standard for software test documentation" trình bày các nội dung: Qui trình, standard for software test documentation, test plan, test-case specification, test-summary report, test-summary report, test-schedule,... Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

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  • Lecture "Software testing and quality assurance - Lecture 8: System Integration Testing" trình bày các kiến thức: System Integration Testing, kiểm thử tích hợp, incremental, top-down, bottom-up, big Bang,... Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo nội dung chi tiết.

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  • Lecture "Software testing and quality assurance - Lecture 9: Web-Base application testing" trình bày các kiến thức: Test browser, môi trường web, performance testing, performance testing, webservice testing, regresstion testing, coverage testing, automation test,... Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

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  • Systems Analysis and Design: Chapter 16 - Quality Assurance Through Software Engineering's Objectives is Recognize the importance of users and analysts taking a total quality approach to the entire SDLC; Create structure charts to design modular, top-down systems.

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  • Lecture "Software testing and quality assurance - Lecture 1: Introduction" trình bày các nội dung tổng quan về kiểm chứng phần mềm, tâm lý của kiểm thử; Verification,Validation, và Testing; kiểm chứng/Thẩm định tĩnh và động; kiểm thử phần mềm;... Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

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  • Lecture "Software testing and quality assurance - Lecture 2" trình bày các nội dung: Failure, Error, Fault; tài liệu kiểm thử, ca kiểm thử, nội dung của test case, bốn giai đoạn thường có trong kiểm thử, quy trình kiểm thử phần mềm, ba chủ đề phổ biến,... Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo nội dung chi tiết.

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  • Lecture "Software testing and quality assurance - Lecture 4" trình bày các nội dung: Các nguyên tắc khi thiết kế giao diện, các loại kiểm thử giao diện, bốn quá trình của GUI Testing, checklist cho GUI Web, mobile checklist, Functional & database testing,... Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

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  • Lecture "Software testing and quality assurance - Lecture 5" cung cấp cho người học các kiến thức: Functional testing, phân hoạch tương đương; black box testing, structural testing, white box testing, black/White box testing, xác định đường đi, độ phức tạp thuật toán. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

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