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  • Very interesting descriptions of the great battles of the late war, written by prominent generals, have been lately published and widely read. It seems to me, however, that it is time for the private soldier to be heard from. Of course, his field of vision is much more limited than that of his general. On the other hand, it is of vital importance to the latter to gloss over his mistakes, and draw attention only to those things which will add to his reputation. The private soldier has no such feeling. It is only to the officers of high rank engaged that a battle can bring...

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  • We are familiar with the names and deeds of the "generals," from the commander-in-chief down to the almost innumerable brigadiers, and we are all more or less ignorant of the habits and characteristics of the individuals who composed the rank and file of the "grand armies" of 1861-65. As time rolls on, the historian, condensing matters, mentions "the men" by brigades, divisions, and corps. But here let us look at the individual soldier separated from the huge masses of men composing the armies, and doing his own work and duty.

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  • This monograph examines the relationship between recruiting practices and conditions and the first-term success of Army soldiers. Success in the first term is important to the Army because recruiting soldiers is expensive. If soldiers fail to complete their first terms, the Army must recruit others to replace them, effectively doubling the cost. Given the expense of recruiting, the Army should reassess whether some management strategies could improve the success rates for first-term soldiers. Events in a soldier...

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  • So much has been written about the great soldiers of the world, that it is a matter of considerable hardihood to attempt to present another volume on the subject in any sense "new." But the Great War has not only brought to the center of the stage a new group of martial figures--it has also intensified and revivified our interest in those of a bygone day. The springs of history rise far back. We can the better appreciate our leaders of today and their problems, by comparing them with the leaders and problems of yesterday. Waterloo takes on a new aspect when viewed from Vimy...

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  • In the companion volume of this series, "Men of Action," the attempt was made to give the essential facts of American history by sketching in broad outline the men who made that history--the discoverers, pioneers, presidents, statesmen, soldiers, and sailors--and describing the part which each of them played. It was almost like watching a great building grow under the hands of the workmen, this one adding a stone and that one adding another; but there was one great difference.

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  • In the lifetime of all who arrive at mature age, there comes a period when a strong desire is felt to know more of the past, especially to know more of those from whom we claim descent. Many find even their chief pleasure in searching among parish records and local histories for some knowledge of ancestors, who for a hundred or five hundred years have been sleeping in the grave. Long pilgrimages are made to the Old World for this purpose, and when the traveler discovers in the crowded church-yard a moss-covered, crumbling stone, which bears the name he seeks, he takes infinite pains to...

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về hóa học được đăng trên tạp chí sinh học quốc tế đề tài : Psychotrauma and effective treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder in soldiers and peacekeepers

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học Critical Care giúp cho các bạn có thêm kiến thức về ngành y học đề tài: High prevalence of syphilis among demobilized child soldiers in Eastern Congo: a cross-sectional study...

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  • n the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), tens of thousands of girls and women have suffered horrific acts of sexual violence. The government army is one of the main perpetrators. Commanders, even when confronted with abuses, have frequently failed to stop sexual violence and may themselves be guilty of war crimes or crimes against humanity as a consequence. In this report, Human Rights Watch looks at sexual violence committed by the army and more specifically the 14th brigade whose case illustrates the failure to enforce respect for humanitarian law.

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  • Since 1989, the United States has embarked on numerous complex contingency operations overseas — especially in Somalia, Haiti, and Bosnia — requiring a high degree of coordination between the civilian and military sides of the operations. What has the U.S. government learned and failed to learn from its experience? The author examines the erratic performance of the U.S.

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  • “ the two volumes of which are a rich mine of dramatic criticism and theory. His next residence was at Wolfenbuttel, where he had charge of the ducal library from 1770 till his death in 1781. Here he wrote his tragedy of “Emilia Galotti, “ founded on the story of Virginia, and engaged for a time in violent religious controversies, one important outcome of which was his “Education of the Human Race.

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  • Research objectives: Interpretation clarifies NCO, S in the infantry regiment and the basic problems of PE and improving the quality of PE for NCO, S in the Lao People's Army infantry regiments; proper assessment of actual status, indication of cause and drawng some experience to improve PE for NCO, S in the Lao People's Army infantry regiments at present; analysis and clarification of the impact factor, determination of requirements and proposal of solutions to improve quality PE for NCO,S in the Lao People's Army infantry regiment now.

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  • Three white soldiers có sự tăng giá từ từ và vững chắc với mỗi thân nến trắng mở cửa trong hoặc gần thân nến trắng trước đó. Mỗi thân nến trắng đóng cửa tại hoặc gần với đỉnh của nó.

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  • ĐỀ VÀ ĐÁP ÁN KỲ THI THỬ ĐH NĂM 2011 MÔN: TIẾNG ANH – ĐẾ 13 Phần 1. 1. A. begin B. behind C. technology D. language 2. A. China B. machine C. chewing-gum D. change 3. A. thought B. path C. through D. throw 4. A. exhausted B. horse C. house D. highways 5. A. vision B. prison C. soldier D. television Phần 2 6. When Henry was eating dinner, Ruth………………. A. coming B. was coming C.come D. came 7. Henry played football at school, but he …………………. since he left school in 2005. A. has played B. hasn’t played...

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  • 1. Herd = a group of cattle (một nhóm gia súc ) 2. Pride = a group of lions (một bầy sư tử ) 3. School = a group of whales (một bầy cá voi ) 4. Troop = a group of monkey (một bầy khỉ ) 5. Flock = a group of sheep or goats ( một bầy cừu hoặc dê ) 6. An army of soldiers :một toán lính 7. A band of robbers : một băng cướp 8. A body of men ; môt nhóm đàn ông 9.A bevy of girls : một nhóm con gái 10....

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  • Institute of Vietnamese Studies 院 越學 Viện Việt-Học The Song of a Soldier's Wife Chinh Phụ Ngâm Diễn Ca 征婦吟演歌 English Text by Huỳnh Sanh Thông Nôm Text by Ðoàn Thị Ðiểm Electronic version by Nguyễn Phương Lan Reviewed by Ðàm Trung Pháp Edited by Lê Văn Ðặng Viện Việt-Học XII-2002 The Song of a Soldier's Wife -translated by Huynh Sanh Thong When all through earth and heaven dust storms rise, how hard and rough, the road a woman walks! O those who rule in yonder blue above, who is the cause and maker of this woe? In our Great Walls1 ...

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  • I. Pretest 12D (update 12.7.12) 1. (Whatever, However, Whichever, Wherever) effort the doctor made, he couldn’t save the child. 2. Why was he sacked? – Because of (him to be, him being, his being, he was) dishonest. 3. That’s the nice coast, and the color (fits, matches, suits, shows) you well. 4. This picture is (priceless, unprofitable, invaluable, worthless); the thief will be disappointed when he tries to sell it. 5. I’ve lived near the railway so long that I’ve grown (accustomed, familiar, aware, conscious) to the noise. 6.

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  • lierman troops have taken part in a French National Day parade. 200 German soldiers were in military vehicles along the Champs Elysees for the first time since World War IL The Germans were along troops from the new Euro - Corp Defence Force.

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  • affect / effect Affect and effect are sometimes confused, but before you can sort them out, you must sort out the two words spelled affect. One means “to put on a false show of,” as in She affected a British accent. The other can be both a noun and a verb. The noun meaning “emotion” is a technical term from psychology that sometimes shows up in general writing, as in this quote from a Norman Mailer piece about the Gulf War: “Of course, the soldiers seen on television had been carefully chosen for blandness of affect. In its far more common...

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  • Japanese business has changed tremendously in the past decade. Once sacred institutions such as lifetime employment and seniority - based promotion in the workplace have increasingly been replaced by “ temp ” contracts and performance - based pay. During Japan ’ s miracle growth years in the two decades following the end of World War II, the nation ’ s schools churned out a veritable “ soldier ” class of white - collared sarariman (salaried men) and OLs (offi ce ladies) dedicated to building their country into an economic superpower. And they succeeded.

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