Solid state dye lasers

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  • Lasers continue to be an amazingly robust field of activity, one of continually expanding scientific and technological frontiers.

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  • the generation of ultrashort laser pulses. Beginning with mode-locking of glass lasers in the 1960s, the development of dye lasers brought the pulse width down from picoseconds to femtoseconds. The breakthrough in solid state laser pulse generation provided the current reliable table-top laser systems capable of average power of about 1 watt, and peak power density of easily watts per square centimeter, with pulse widths in the range of four to eight femtoseconds.

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  • Solid state lasers include lasers based on paramagnetic ions, organic dye molecules, and color centers in crystalline or amorphous hosts. Semiconductor lasers are included in this section because they are a solid state device, although the nature of the active center— recombination of electrons and holes—is different from the dopants or defect centers used in other lasers in this category.

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