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  • To a number of people who influenced my life and prepared me for the job of creating this book: First, my mother, who not only taught me to read, but allowed me to experience the enjoyment of reading. She opened up for me the vast knowledge available in libraries. Dr. Wade Moorehouse, retired Professor of Accounting and former Chairman of the Department of Business and Economics at California State University, Hayward, who many years ago, when I was an undergraduate student in his accounting course, stimulated my excitement about the accounting function.

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  • This is an incredibly open ended task. You are now charged with developing your project plan. Follow the steps above and proceed as best you can. Ask the staff for help if you have questions. At the beginning of this document, you can download a template for a project development sheet and a gant chart. All that is required of the user is to fill in the yellow cells. The gant chart will automatically plot out the task/project time line for you. This is a required part of your project management activities. ...

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  • The greatest shift in consumer purchase behavior over the past generation has been from table wines to quality wines, particularly in traditional wine drinking countries. Relatively few people consume wine. In the United States 40 to 45 percent of the adult population does not drink any alcoholic beverages. Of the remainder, less than 20 percent are “regular” wine drinkers, and they account for most of the wine consumption. The occasional wine drinker, an additional 40 percent of the remainder, tends to like wine and might buy more of it if persuaded to do so (Moulton...

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  • This recent trend of the FDI into the Brazilian pulp and paper sector is probably connected to the general international trend for substituting long for short-fiber pulp that has been observed in the pulp industry. The international producers are searching for new mixtures of the two fibers aiming to increase the content of short-fiber pulp, which is the cheapest one. Consequently a strong increase in the international demand for short-fiber pulp is expected2 .

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  • PSI President and CEO Karl Hofmann recalls: “In just over 10 years, the YouthAIDS platform grew into a brand that drove attention and resources for HIV prevention and education. PSI, at that time, was a highly successful implementing organization but traveled below the radar with little brand awareness except among a small set of development insiders. By creatively marketing the HIV implementation arm of our organization in a more attractive and media friendly way, Roberts was able to give YouthAIDS real substance and to raise diversified funds.

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  • The lead agency must also coordinate with other agencies and review security plans for infrastructure and utilities that could threaten event security (local water supply, water treatment facilities, electricity supply, communications grid, sewer system, computer systems, etc.). At some special events, manhole covers have been welded shut near the event venues. Often, newspaper dispensers and public trash cans are removed before an event (they can be hiding places for bombs and can be used as missiles to harm law enforcement or destroy property). When such measures...

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  • This essay explores one manifestation of the popular historicization of “Hollywood,” the historical film clip montages created—mostly—by former trailer producer Chuck Workman for the Academy Awards telecasts produced by Gil Cates during the 1990s. These brief pieces of (televised) film about film history participated strongly in the reconfiguring and marketing of the cinematic past in the popular imaginary during the nineties, pivotal years in the globalization of hegemonic American film culture.

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  • Savings banks in Spain have a long tradition of providing social credits to under-served financially excluded communities. Caja de Granada in particular chairs the International Association of Social Pledging Credit Establishments1 and like Caixa Galicia and Caixa Catalunya, grants micro-credits through their foundations, mainly in the regions where they operate. Caja Granada recently organized a symposium with all its microcredit holders to exchange experiences.

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  • Nevertheless, it is a widespread assumption that end-of-pipe technologies still domi- nate investment decisions in firms. This is because there has been exceptionally little empiri- cal analysis directed to the determinants of the use of specific types of abatement measures - principally because of the paucity of available data. On the basis of a unique facility-level data set based on a recent survey covering seven OECD countries (Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Norway, and the U.S.) we find a clear dominance of cleaner production in these countries: Surprisingly, 76.

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  • A bond is simply a negotiable IOU, or a loan. Investors who buy bonds are lending a specific sum of money (the principal) to the bond issuer—a corporation, a government, or some other borrowing institution—for a specified period of time (the term).Typically, the bond issuer promises to make regular payments of interest to the investor at a rate that is set when the bond is issued.This is why bonds are often referred to as fixed income investments.

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  • By estimating the default jump risk premium, this paper essentially tests the assumptions underlying the conditional diversification hypothesis of JLY (2001). These authors prove that, if default jumps are conditionally independent across firms and if the economy contains an infinite number of bonds, default jump risk cannot be priced. Intuitively, in this case the default jump risk can be fully diversified. Our results indicate that default jumps are not conditionally independent across firms and/or that not enough corporate bonds are traded to fully diversify default jump risk.

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  • Bernanke and Gertler (1989) focus on the investment decision of rms. There is asymmetric information between lenders and entrepreneurs: while entrepreneurs know the protability of their investment projects, lenders must pay an auditing cost to observe the project's return. This information asymmetry is the key source of persistence in the model. A positive productivity shock increases savings of entrepreneurs and lowers agency costs, making it easier for them to obtain external nance.

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  • The Group recognised the difficulties involved in setting limit values for particles when the epidemiological studies had not demonstrated a no-effects threshold. However, the Group felt that limit values could be recommended at levels at which public health effects at the population level were likely to be small. On this basis the Group initially considered ranges of daily values of 30-100µgm-3 and 15- 40µgm-3 as an annual average.

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  • To support its operations, DOD performs an assortment of interrelated and interdependent business functions, such as logistics, procurement, health care, and financial management. As we have previously reported, the DOD systems environment that supports these business functions has been overly complex, decentralized, and error prone, characterized by (1) little standardization across the department, (2) multiple systems performing the same tasks and storing the same data, and (3) the need for data to be entered manually into multiple systems.

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  • It has been suggested that executives seek higher salaries in comparison to other executives, as a means of recognizing com- parative ability or performance. Th at is, high salary is a means of recognizing the status of the executive amongst their executive peers. In this case new provisions for the reporting of executive salaries as a means of restraining them would be self defeating. Th e information about salaries of executive peers would • serve to motivate executives to seek parity with any more highly paid executive.

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  • Internal review reports are reviewed by site visitors only during an institutional accreditation site visit. The reports should not be included with the PIF or provided or shown to the site visitor during a program site visit. When the site visitor reviews one or more programs and their sponsoring institution during the same week, the DIO is asked to omit from the institutional review materials sent to the site visitor the internal review report(s) for any program(s) being reviewed during the same week.

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  • The emergence of the data warehouse as a repository, advances in data cleansing, increased capabilities of hardware and software, and the emergence of the web architecture all combine to create a richer business intelligence environment than was available previously. Although business intelligence systems are widely used in industry, research about them is limited. This paper, in addition to being a tutorial, proposes a BI framework and potential research topics.

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  • Since sensitive data of the organisation may need to be disclosed during a call for tenders procedure for an IS audit, a restricted request procedure or limited competition should be performed, depending on the types of activities of the organisation, to guarantee the confidentiality of the information. Depending on the protection requirements of the information, the service providers and IS auditors may need to verify their trustworthiness in accordance with the German ”Law on Security Clearance Checks” (SÜG - see [SÜG]).

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  • ong-term interest rates have also risen slightly, but remain very low. Figure L 1.2.5 illustrates the revision to long-term interest rate projections underlying our current forecast. They have risen by about 0.2 percentage points in the US and the Euro Area since October, but remain largely unchanged in the UK. The rise in short-rates relative to long-rates has introduced a flat and even temporarily negative yield curve in the US, and the implications of this are discussed in Box 1.1 below. There exist a number of tentative explanations for the current...

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  • Though  the confidence  intervals change by procedure and by  country ‐ depending on  the  sample  size  and response variance of each ‐ the overall survey portion of this research holds a standard error of +/‐  3.67% at a 95% level of confidence.       The International Survey on Aesthetic/Cosmetic Procedures Performed in 2010 was compiled, tabulated,  and analyzed by Industry Insights, Inc. ( , an independent research firm based  in Columbus, OH.

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