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  • The Missionary Review of the World has described South America as THE DARKEST LAND. That I have been able to penetrate into part of its unexplored interior, and visit tribes of people hitherto untouched and unknown, was urged as sufficient reason for the publishing of this work. In perils oft, through hunger and thirst and fever, consequent on the many wanderings in unhealthy climes herein recorded, the writer wishes publicly to record his deep thankfulness to Almighty God for His unfailing help.

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  • The diverse geography of the Americas resulted in the emergence of many varied and highly advanced civilizations. The following will be discussed in this chapter: The peoples of North America, early civilizations in Mesoamerica, early civilizations in South America.

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  • Economic crises after World War II brought military rule in some Latin American countries and revolution in others. Democracy did not take hold in most of Latin America until the late twentieth century. This chapter presents the following content: General trends in Latin America; Mexico, Cuba, and central America; the nations of South America.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'travel to south asia', giải trí - thư giãn, du lịch phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Tham khảo sách 'travel to south & central america', giải trí - thư giãn, du lịch phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • I offer this book of "Wanderings" with a hesitating hand. It has little merit, and must make its way through the world as well as it can. It will receive many a jostle as it goes along, and perhaps is destined to add one more to the number of slain in the field of modern criticism. But if it fall, it may still, in death, be useful to me; for should some accidental rover take it up and, in turning over its pages, imbibe the idea of going out to explore Guiana in order to give the world an...

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  • A Tale of Adventure in South America. At the Foot of the Mountain Range. Towards the close of a bright and warm day, between fifty and sixty years ago, a solitary man might have been seen, mounted on a mule, wending his way slowly up the western slopes of the Andes. Although decidedly inelegant and unhandsome, this specimen of the human family was by no means uninteresting. He was so large, and his legs were so long, that the contrast between him and the little mule which he bestrode was ridiculous. He was what is sometimes styled “loosely put...

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  • THIS SIXTEENTH-CENTURY odyssey of Cabeza de Vaca's is one of the great true epics of history. It is the semi-official report to the king of Spain by the ranking surviving officer of a royal expedition to conquer Florida which fantastically miscarried. Four out of a land-force of 300 men--by wits, stamina and luck--found their way back to civilization after eight harrowing years and roughly 6,000 miles over mostly unknown reaches of North America.

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  • The present work is the outcome of two lines of study pursued, with more or less interruption from other studies, for about thirty years. It will be observed that the book has two themes, as different in character as the themes for voice and piano in Schubert's "Frühlingsglaube," and yet so closely related that the one is needful for an adequate comprehension of the other.

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  • The Heart of Brazil—Brazil, its Size and its Immense Wealth—Rio de Janeiro—Brazilian Men of Genius—São Paulo—The Bandeirantes—The Paulista Railway Coffee—The Dumont Railway On the Mogyana Railway The Terminus of the Railway—An Unpleasant Incident—The Purchase of Animals—On the March with the Caravan Travelling across Country—A Musical Genius—Valuable Woods—Thermal Springs Inquisitiveness—Snakes—A Wonderful Cure—Butterflies—A Striking Scene

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  • "Among the scenes which are deeply impressed on my mind, none exceed in sublimity the primeval forests undefaced by the hand of man; whether those of Brazil, where the powers of Life are predominant, or those of Terra del Fuego, where Death and Decay prevail. Both are temples filled with the varied productions of the God of Nature: no one can stand in these solitudes unmoved, and not feel that there is more in man than the mere breath of his body."—DARWIN'S Journal, p. 503. Preface Introduction Table of Contents Table of Appendices Table of Illustrations ...

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  • Although in some respects more technical in their subjects and style than Darwin's "Journal," the books here reprinted will never lose their value and interest for the originality of the observations they contain. Many parts of them are admirably adapted for giving an insight into problems regarding the structure and changes of the earth's surface, and in fact they form a charming introduction to physical geology and physiography in their application to special domains.

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  • This tale is founded upon two sagas, which have been translated literally and without attempt to accord their discrepancies by York Powell and Vigfussen in their invaluable Origines Icelandicae. As well as those versions I have had another authority to help me, in Laing's Sea-Kings of Norway. I have blent the two accounts into one, and put forward the result with this word of explanation, which I hope will justify me in the treatment I have given them.

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  • travel guides , travel book, Africa, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Europe, North America , South America

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  • The state of Massachusetts and Boston City are situated in New England in the North-Eastern part of the USA. More than anywhere else in the United States, this part of the country reflects a certain link to Britain and British culture, although it is mixed with American culture and way of life too. It was in the North-Eastern corner of the USA that the American civilisation initially started, but it was also here that the battle against the British colonial power later took place.

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  • Chinese Taiwan offers magnificent nature, traditional Chinese architecture, exciting museums and a fascinating modern society – and all this can be found in one package on Taiwan Island, which has a perfect size for traveling around a bit and seeing more than just the big cities of Taipei to the north and Kaohsiung to the south.

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  • The Toronto region has been inhabited through centuries. When the icecap of the ice age withdrew, settlers arrived from the south. These inhabitants were alone for an extended period of time in the area. The first Europeans arrived in the 17th century, but many years passed from the first visit to actual European settlements. France, which sought to expand its colony, New France, in what is known today as Québec, established trade stations in the beginning of the 18th century, but Montréal was the actual French city....

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  • The great city of Chicago is beautifully located by Lake Michigan and in this modern city, urban Eastern USA meets the vast prairies that start immediately to the west of the city. Chicago has a great variety of cultural activities, beautiful museums, restaurants and - typical for America - great shopping possibilities, but other recreational activities and entertainments are also plentiful. Lake Michigan runs alongside the city centre and offers boat trips, picturesque walks and a range of activities in the area around the Navy Pier....

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  • travel guides , travel book, Africa, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Europe, North America , South America

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  • The fantastic location of Cape Town is perhaps one of the most scenic locations of any city in the world. The Table Mountain, which is more than 1 kilometre high, together with the Atlantic Ocean creates the perfect background for the development of a modern city that throughout offers visitors unique experiences on the southern tip of Africa. This modern South African city sparkles like a diamond around the renovated harbour area, The Waterfront. Here is an international atmosphere, shops, restaurants as well as a number of other activities....

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