Spatial analyses

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  • In recent years, biometrics has developed rapidly with its worldwide applications for daily life. New trends and novel developments have been proposed to acquire and process many different biometric traits. The ignored challenges in the past and potential problems need to be thought together and deeply integrated. The key objective of the book is to keep up with the new technologies on some recent theoretical development as well as new trends of applications in biometrics.

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  • The study of the workshops in Jepara involved an initial extensive survey so as to locate all the workshops. Then we designed a spatial grid to prepare the following intensive survey. It consisted of sampling these workshops, creating a detailed database on the structure of the wood industry in Jepara, and subsequently analysing it (Roda and Cadène 2005). The fieldwork was conduced by a team of 12 surveyors4 and 2 field coordinators5 . They were equipped with motorbikes, global positioning system (GPS) devices, questionnaires, and computers.

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  • Sampling and analysis of local well water and surface soil gas (Strutt et al., 2005) were performed at the Weyburn field. The primary objectives of the soil gas analyses were to measure the natural background concentrations of CO2 and to ascertain whether CO2 or associated reservoir tracer gases were escaping to the near surface. Samples were collected three times over the course of two years on a regular spatial grid; additional samples that could represent possible vertical migration pathways were also collected at other sites in the surrounding area.

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  • All higher organisms divide major biochemical steps into different cellular compartments and often use tissue-specific division of metabolism for the same purpose.Such spatial resolution is accompanied with temporal changes of meta-bolite synthesis in response to environmental stimuli or developmental needs.Although analyses of primary and secondary gene products, i.e. transcripts, proteins, and metabolites, regularly do not cope with this spatial and temporal resolution, these gene products are often observed to be highly coregulated forming complex networks....

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  • Linguistic access to uncertain quantitative knowledge about physical properties is provided by d i m e n s i o n a l adjectives, e.g. long-short in the spatial and temporal senses, near-far, fast-slow, etc. Semantic analyses of the dimensional adjectives differ on whether the meaning of the differential comparative (6 cm shorter than) and the equative with factor term (three times as long as) is a compositional function of the meanings the difference and factor terms (6 cm and three times) and the meanings of the simple comparative and equative, respectively.

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