Spatial db system

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  • • Understand basic properties of spatial/geographic data • Understand the value of SDBMS - Application domains - Users - How is different from a DBMS? • Understand concept of spatial databases • Learn about major spatial information applications • Learn about components of Spatial Database Management Systems (SDBMS)

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  • • Data models facilitate • Early analysis of properties, ... e.g. storage cost, querying ability, • Re-use of shared data among multiple applications • Exchange of data across organization • Conversion of data to new software/ environment • Example - Y2K crisis for year 2000 Many computer software systems were developed without welldefined data models in 1960s and 1970s. These systems used a variety of data models for representing time and date. Some of the representations used two digits to represent years.

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  • Over the years it has become evident in many areas of computer applications that the functionality database management systems has to be enlarged to include spatially referenced data.

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