Special software techniques

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  • For example, a few years ago, I was the Development Tools Marketing Manager for a semiconductor manufacturer. I was speaking with the Software Development Tools Manager at our major account. My job was to help convince the customer that they should be using our RISC processor in their laser printers. Since I owned the tool chain issues, I had to address his specific issues before we could convince him that we had the appropriate support for his design team.

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  • Nanjing Swan Software Technology Company specialized in visualized software, mainly provides following services: CAD/CMD NC simulation , popularization and application of UG’s key technology. Oriented to factory’s product research and innovation, our company supply customers with services which are highly in accordance to their individual demands i.e.overal design of product, technique consulation, quadratic research(second development service).

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  • In the 31 chapters that have preceded this one, I’ve explored a process for software engineering that encompasses management procedures and technical methods, basic concepts and principles, specialized techniques, peopleoriented activities and tasks that are amenable to automation, paper-and-pencil notation, and software tools. In this concluding chapter I’ll take a broader view and consider where we’ve been and where we’re going from a more philosophical perspective.

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  • IN this chapter we discuss the aim of and the approach normall evaluation of computer and communication systems in Section 1.1. A classification solution techniques is presented in Section 1.2. The fact that we will need stochastic models is motivated in Section 1.3. As a special case of these, we then introduce queueing models in Section 1.4. Finally, in Section 1.5, we discuss the use of software tools for model construction and solution.

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