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  • In Europe, North America, and especially New Zealand, farmers and foresters have even tried to make use of the powers of weasels for their own ends, particularly to control various “pest” species such as voles (small mouse-like rodents with short tails and small eyes and ears) and rabbits. But the philosophies of weasels and of people toward such situations are quite different: What for us is a problem, requiring elimination, is for weasels an opportunity, to be exploited. That is why biological control by weasels seldom works (Chapters 12, 13).

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  • Conserving Living Natural Resources provides students, managers, and general readers with an introduction to the principles of managing biological resources. It presents the historical and conceptual contexts of three seminal approaches to the management of living natural resources: utilitarian management for harvest of featured species and control of unwanted species, protection and restoration of populations and habitats to maintain biodiversity, and management of complex ecosystems to sustain both productivity and biodiversity.

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  • A final design criteria was that the API should be cor- rect, in that events should only be reported if they are applicable. Consider the case where a packet arrives on a socket, in turn generating an event. However, before the application is notified of this pending event, it per- forms a close() on the socket. Since the socket is no longer open, the event should not be delivered to the ap- plication, as it is no longer relevant.

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  • According to the historical evidence, the first rubber trees to be tapped extensively belonged to Castilla species. Native tappers started to harvest latex from Hevea species when Castilla tree population almost disappeared. After the disappearance of the primeval stands of Castilla, Hevea became the first choice of the rubber gatherers, particularly near the streams.

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  • Among the many difficult questions parents face when a family member is diagnosed with cancer is “What do I tell my children?” Fearful that they might upset or worry their youngsters and teens, some parents withhold the news. But even at a very young age, children can sense when something is wrong. If not told the truth, they might imagine that things are worse than they really are or even that they themselves are the cause of the problem.

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  • record of Australia is too patchy for paleontologists to say whether there were any placental mammals in Australia at this time. Abundant Australian fossils date back to about 25 million years ago, at which point all the mammals in Austrlia were marsupials. They evolved into a spectacular range of forms, including kan- garoos and koalas. It was not until 15 million years ago that Australia moved close enough to Asia to allow placental mammals—rats and bats—to begin to colonize the continent.

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  • The World Agroforestry Centre has classified rubber-based systems in Indonesia according to their intensity of management, as illustrated by the photographs on the opposite page. Intensively-managed monoculture rubber plantations contain less than 1% non-rubber trees, none of which have been planted deliberately. Simple mixed rubber agroforests contain up to one-third non-rubber trees, which have been deliberately planted or retained, between five and 20 non-rubber species greater than 2 m in height and 5–20 non-rubber trees as tall as, or taller than, the rubber trees.

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  • Fewer fish exacerbate the declines in walrus and seal populations. Overall, there is less food available for the Yupik Eskimos of the Arctic who rely on all of these species. Global climate change is thus a significant addition to the spectrum of envi- ronmental health hazards faced by humankind. The global scale makes for unfa- miliarity—although most of its health impacts comprise increases (or decreases) in familiar effects of climatic variation on human biology and health.

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  • The experience of breast cancer can also create challenges for a marriage or signif- icant relationship. Difficulties include communication problems, difficulty coping and sexual dysfunction (one study found that approximately 50% of women with cancer had at least one diagnosed sexual dysfunction during the posttreatment year) (Anderson,Ander- son, & DeProsse, 1989). However, research suggests that when marriages are strong before the development of breast cancer, the disease does not usually disrupt the relation- ship, and may result in an even closer relationship (Oktay & Walter, 1991).

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  • The developed technique involves contrast enhancement using sequentially iterative smoothing filters, histogram equalization, and simultaneous application of two types of edge detection processes namely, maximum-difference edge detection [3] and Canny’s edge detection [4]. The post processed image is combined with the original image to accentuate the edges while eliminating noise. Smoothing is implemented because of its effect to reduce specific types of noise signals in the digitized image.

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