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  • Như đã trình bày ở các bài trước một trong những đặc điểm của SQL Server 2000 là Multiple-Instance nên khi nói đến một (SQL) Server nào đó là ta nói đến một Instance của SQL Server 2000, thông thường đó là Default Instance. Một Instance của SQL Server 2000 có 4 system databases và một hay nhiều user database.

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  • Khi SQL Server 2005 ra đời, thì những kiến thức về SQl 2000 thực sự không đủ để bạn làm chủ được SQL 2005. Khả năng và độ linh họat của SQl Serve 2005 được phản ánh rất rõ trong công cụ Management Studio mới và BIDS.

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  • here is high demand and competition for professionals in the Information Technology (IT) industry, and the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) certification is the hottest credential in the database world. You have made the right decision to pursue certification: Being an OCP will give you a distinct advantage in this highly competitive market. Many readers may already be familiar with Oracle and do not need an introduction to the Oracle database world.

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  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Client/Server Chapter 2: Visual FoxPro for Client/Server Development Chapter 3: Introduction to SQL Server 7.0 Chapter 4: Remote Views Chapter 5: Upsizing: Moving from File-Server to Client/Server Chapter 6: Extending Remote Views with SQL Pass Through Chapter 7: Downsizing Chapter 8: Errors and Debugging

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  • Microsoft Business Intelligence tools are among the most widely used applications for gathering, providing access to, and analyzing data to enable the enterprise to make sound business decisions. The tools include SharePoint Server, the Office Suite, PerformancePoint Server, and SQL Server, among others. With so much jargon and so many technologies involved, Microsoft Business Intelligence For Dummies provides a much-needed step-by-step explanation of what's involved and how to use this powerful package to improve your business....

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  • The introductory chapters in this book (Chapters 1–4) provide an overview of SQL, SQL built-in functions, UDFs, and major vendor implementations of RDBMS and SQL functions. These chapters are meant to serve as an introduction to SQL function architecture and concepts for those readers who need to increase their knowledge and sharpen their skills.

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  • PHP security, just like PHP itself, has advanced. Updated for PHP 5.3, the 2nd edition of this authoritative PHP security book covers foundational PHP security topics like SQL injection, XSS, user authentication, and secure PHP development. Chris Snyder and Tom Myer also delve into recent developments like mobile security, the impact of JavaScript, and the advantages of recent PHP hardening efforts. Pro PHP Security, Second Edition will serve as your complete guide for taking defensive and proactive security measures within your PHP applications.

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  • Today’s highly interactive websites pose a challenge for traditional SQL databases—the ability to scale rapidly and serve loads of concurrent users. With this concise guide, you’ll learn how to build web applications on top of Couchbase Server 2.0, a NoSQL database that can handle websites and social media where hundreds of thousands of users read and write large volumes of information.

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