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  • This book is a collaborative effort. The content took shape with the help of family, colleagues, and the amazing staff at McGraw-Hill. Big thanks to my editor, John Aherne, for his enthusiasm and counsel, and to Kenya Henderson, for making it all happen! McGraw-Hill design, marketing, and public relations staff are among the best in the book publishing industry. I’m honored they share my excitement about the subject.

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  • A covalent bond results when two atoms share electrons in such a way that each atom has an octet of electrons in the outer shell. In a hydrogen atom, the outer shell is complete when it contains two electrons. If hydrogen is in the presence of a strong electron acceptor, it gives up its electron to become a hydrogen ion (H+). But if this is not possible, hydrogen can share with another atom and thereby have a completed outer shell. For example, one hydrogen atom will share with another hydrogen atom. Their two orbitals overlap,...

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Research Article A Two-Stage Approach for Improving the Convergence of Least-Mean-Square Adaptive Decision-Feedback Equalizers in the Presence of Severe

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  • The presence of children is also a factor. Women who postponed having children after age 28 earned at least 6% more in 1998 than women who had their children earlier. This is because wage growth and promotion opportunities occur early in on womenís careers. 4 A 1996 Canadian study found that low paid workers tended to be young and female, with an education of high school or less. In addition, they often worked part time in service occupations.

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  • Anyone who has been in Greece at Easter time, especially among the more remote peasants, must have been struck by the emotion of suspense and excitement with which they wait for the announcement "Christos anestê," "Christ is risen!" and the response "Alêthôs anestê," "He has really risen!" I have referred elsewhere to Mr. Lawson's old peasant woman, who explained her anxiety: "If Christ does not rise tomorrow we shall have no harvest this year" (Modern Greek Folklore, p. 573).

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  • Lecture Chapter 3 How to manage teaching & learning presented content: Physical presence in class, teacher’s voice, marking stages of the lesson, seating arrangement, groupings, evaluating a lesson (success or failure).

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  • Malaria remains a major health problem especially in trop-ical and subtropical regions of the world, and therefore developing new antimalarial drugs constitutes an urgent challenge. Lipid metabolism has been attracting a lot of attention as an application for malarial chemotherapeutic purposes in recent years. However, little is known about glycosphingolipid biosynthesis inPlasmodium falciparum. In this report we describe for the first time the presence of an active glucosylceramide synthase in the intraerythrocytic stages of the parasite....

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  • Chapter 1 presents about how to manage teaching & learning. This chapter include main contents as: Teacher’s physical presence in class, teacher’s voice, marking stages of the lesson, seating arrangement, groupings, evaluating a lesson (success or failure).

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  • Branched-chain lipids are important components of the human diet and are used as drug molecules, e.g. ibuprofen. Owing to the presence of methyl groups on their carbon chains, they cannot be metabolized in mitochon-dria, and instead are processed and degraded in peroxisomes. Several dif-ferent oxidative degradation pathways for these lipids are known, including a-oxidation, b-oxidation, and x-oxidation.

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  • The presence of extraN- andC- terminal residues can play a major role in the stability, solubility and yield of recombi-nant proteins. Pfg27 is a 27Ksoluble protein that is essential for sexual development in Plasmodium falciparum.It was over-expressed using the pMAL-p2 vector as a fusion pro-teinwith themaltosebindingprotein. Sixdifferent constructs were made and each of the fusion proteins were expressed and purified.

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  • At the beginning, specialists tried to diagnose the stage of periodontal disease depending on the relation between the clinical appearances and the presence of some specific cell populations or specific matrix components (Havemose-Poulsen & Holmstrup, 1997; Romanos et al., 1993).

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  • The quantitative independent variables used in regression equations, which usually take values over some continuous range. Frequently, one may wish to include the quality independent variables, often called dummy variables, in the regression model in order to (i) capture the presence or absence of a ‘quality’, such as male or female, poor or rich, urban or rural areas, college degree or do not college degree, different stages of development, different period of time; (ii) to capture the interaction between them; and, (iii) or to take on one or more distinct values. ...

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  • In modern high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), computers in a broad sense are used in every instrumental module and at every stage of analysis. Computers control the flow rate, eluent composition, temperature, injection volume, and injection process. Detector output signal is converted from analog form into the digital representation to recognize the presence of peaks, and then at higher level of computer analysis a chromatogram is obtained. All these computer-based functions are performed in the background, and the chromatographer usually does not think about them.

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  • Chest radiographs and CT scans are needed to evaluate tumor size and nodal involvement; old radiographs are useful for comparison. CT scans of the thorax and upper abdomen are of use in the preoperative staging of NSCLC to detect mediastinal nodes and pleural extension and occult abdominal disease (e.g., liver, adrenal), and in planning curative radiation therapy. However, mediastinal nodal involvement should be documented histologically if the findings will influence therapeutic decisions.

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  • Prognostic Factors The most important prognostic factor is the stage at the time of presentation. Fortunately, most melanomas are diagnosed in clinical stages I and II. The revised American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) staging system for melanoma is based on microscopic primary tumor depth (Breslow's thickness), presence of ulceration, evidence of nodal involvement, and presence of metastatic disease to internal sites (Table 83-3). Certain anatomic sites may affect the prognosis.

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  • Bronchogenic carcinoma can mimic or be masked by pulmonary tuberculosis (TB), and the aim of this study was to describe the radiologic findings and clinical significance of bronchogenic carcinoma and pulmonary TB which coexist in the same lobe. Materials and Methods: The findings of 51 patients (48 males and three females, aged 48-79 years) in whom pulmonary TB and bronchogenic carcinoma coexisted in the same lobe were analyzed.

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  • Bulky NSCLC Stage IIIA and Dry IIIB (IIIB Without a Pleural Effusion) The presence of pathologically involved N2 nodes should be confirmed histologically because enlarged nodes detected by CT will be negative for cancer in ~30% of patients. Chemotherapy plus radiation therapy is the treatment of choice for patients with bulky stage IIIA or IIIB disease without pleural effusion (referred to as "dry IIIB"). Randomized studies demonstrate an improvement in median and long-term survival with chemotherapy followed by radiation therapy, compared with radiation therapy alone.

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  • The terms selectivity and specificity are often used interchangeably, the term specific generally refers to a method that produces a response for a single analyte only, while the term selective refers to a method that provides responses for a number of chemical entities that may or may not be distinguished from each other. If the response is distinguished from all other responses, the method is said to be selective.

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  • Known as the epidemiological transition, this shift is highly correlated with changes in personal and collective wealth (the economic transition), social structure (the social transition), and demographics (the demographic transition). Omran (1971) provides an excellent model of the epidemiological transition that divides it into three basic ages: pestilence and famine, receding pandemics, and degenerative and human- created diseases (table 33.1). Olshansky and Ault (1986) add a fourth stage: delayed degenerative diseases.

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  • Staging As noted in Chap. 77, an important component of patient management is defining the extent of disease. Radiographic and other imaging tests can be helpful in defining the clinical stage; however, pathologic staging requires defining the extent of involvement by documenting the histologic presence of tumor in tissue biopsies obtained through a surgical procedure.

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