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  • Statistics collected and the method of collection: Logical reads: Sampled Buffer busy waits: Continuous Db block changes : Sampled Physical reads: Continuous Physical writes: Continuous Physical reads direct: Continuous Physical writes direct: Continuous Global cache cr blocks served: Continuous Global cache current blocks served: Continuous ITL waits: Continuous Row lock waits: Continuous

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  • It is important to correct the errors in the results of speech recognition to increase the performance of a speech translation system. This paper proposes a method for correcting errors using the statistical features of character co-occurrence, and evaluates the method. The proposed method comprises two successive correcting processes. The first process uses pairs of strings: the first string is an erroneous substring of the utterance predicted by speech recognition, the second string is the corresponding section of the actual utterance.

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  • As part of its new Digital Government program, the National Science Foundation (NSF) requested that the Computer Science and Telecommunications Board (CSTB) undertake an in-depth study of how information technology research and development could more effectively support advances in the use of information technology in government.

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  • World health statistics 2007 presents the most recent health statistics for WHO’s 193 Member States. This third edition includes a section with 10 highlights of global health statistics for the past year as well as an expanded set of 50 health statistics. World health statistics 2007 has been collated from publications and databases produced by WHO’s technical programmes and regional offi ces. The core set of indicators was selected on the basis of their relevance to global health, the availability and quality of the data, and the accuracy and comparability of estimates.

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  • The objectives for this project were essentially straightforward: design an interactive web-based application (as opposed to the creation and modification of a website) that facilitates user-initiated graphic design historical content within the structure of a timeline. The central theme for the web application is the timeline – and this is where the Graphic Design History Interactive Timeline (GDHit) differs from Wikipedia,, or other user-generated databases.

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  • The majority of successful attacks on computer systems via the Internet can be traced to exploitation of security flaws in software and operating systems. These few software vulnerabilities account for the majority of successful attacks, simply because attackers are opportunistic – taking the easiest and most convenient route. They exploit the best-known flaws with the most effective and widely available attack tools.

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  • It can be argued that no company has dominated its own little portion of computer networking as completely as Cisco Systems. Market research has estimated that 70 percent of the Internet runs on Cisco hardware. This is an amazing statistic when you consider the number of manufacturers vying for market share in this arena. To put this number in perspective, imagine that seven out of every ten cars on the highway today were produced by a single car manufacturer. Why is Cisco hardware so popular? First and foremost is reliability.

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  • This thesis examines how artificial neural networks can benefit a large vocabulary, speaker independent, continuous speech recognition system. Currently, most speech recognition systems are based on hidden Markov models (HMMs), a statistical framework that supports both acoustic and temporal modeling. Despite their state-of-the-art performance, HMMs make a number of suboptimal modeling assumptions that limit their potential effectiveness.

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  • .Corporate Finance DeMYSTiFieD® .DeMYSTiFieD® Series Accounting Demystified Advanced Statistics Demystified Algebra Demystified Alternative Energy Demystified ASP.NET 2.

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  • Designed to exploit Oracle 10g's SQL, this book takes a comprehensive look at Oracle 10g's analytical functions, MODEL statements, and regular expressions. In addition, Advanced SQL Functions in Oracle 10g covers collection objects and object-oriented structures and introduces new Oracle 10g topics such as XML and statistical functions. The authors' logical and developmental approach to query building includes a review of older Oracle tools to help in the transition to newer material. This text will teach the reader how to: Format result sets with SQL*Plus reporting tools.

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  • World Health Statistics 2006 presents the most recent statistics since 1997 of 50 health indicators for WHO’s 192 Member States. This second edition of World Health Statistics includes an expanded set of statistics, with a particular focus on equity between and within countries. It also introduces a section with 10 highlights in global health statistics for the past year. World Health Statistics 2006 has been collated from publications and databases of WHO’s technical programmes and regional offices.

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  • In this book, Applications of Monte Carlo Method in Science and Engineering, we further expose the broad range of applications of Monte Carlo simulation in the fields of Quantum Physics, Statistical Physics, Reliability, Medical Physics, Polycrystalline Materials, Ising Model, Chemistry, Agriculture, Food Processing, X-ray Imaging, Electron Dynamics in Doped Semiconductors, Metallurgy, Remote Sensing and much more diverse topics. The book chapters included in this volume clearly reflect the current scientific importance of Monte Carlo techniques in various fields of research....

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  • Statistics of Steel Weight of Highway Bridges 54.1 54.2 54.3 54.4 Introduction Design Criteria Live Loads • Materials 54 Database of Steel Weights Statistics of Steel Weights Simply Supported Noncomposite Plate Girder Bridges • Simply Supported Composite Plate Girder Bridges • Simply Supported Box-Girder Bridges • Continuously Supported Plate Girder Bridges • Continuously Supported Box-Girder Bridges • Truss Bridges • Arch Bridges • Rahmen Bridges (Rigid Frames) • Cable-Stayed Bridges 54.5 54.

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  • Geographic Information System (GIS) analysis is basically spatial problem-solving. It can be quite challenging at first, especially if you get bogged down in syntax and details. The hardest part is to conceptually understand the problem, and the GIS tools available to solve your problem. This book will help you understand conceptually how various GIS tools work. So for now, forget about workspaces, libraries, spatial database engines, dangling nodes, fuzzy tolerances, requests and instances....

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  • Auditing If an unauthorized user is deleting data, then the DBA might decide to audit all connections to the database and all successful and unsuccessful deletions from all tables in the database. The DBA can gather statistics about which tables are being updated, how many logical inputs/outputs (I/Os) are performed, and how many concurrent users connect at peak times.

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  • SAS defines data mining as the process of uncovering hidden patterns in large amounts of data. Many industries use data mining to address business problems and opportunities such as fraud detection, risk and affinity analyses, database marketing, householding, customer churn, bankruptcy prediction, and portfolio analysis.The SAS data mining process is summarized in the acronym SEMMA, which stands for sampling, exploring, modifying, modeling, and assessing data.

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  • Before using the “EDORA cube” to provide a framework for a “broad-brush” review of socio- economic performance across “non-urban” Europe (section 3) it will be helpful to provide a simple statistical assessment of the “independence” of the D-P and Structural types. The distinctiveness of the types may be assessed in a variety of different ways. For example the statistical differences between the types of each typology may be tested on the basis of the indicators used in the classification.

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  • This lesson further addresses functions. You will focus on obtaining summary information, such as averages, for groups of rows. You will discuss how to group rows in a table into smaller sets, and how to specify search criteria for groups of rows. At the end of this lesson, you should be able to  Identify the available group functions.  Explain the use of group functions.  Use the GROUP BY clause to force statistics to be displayed for different groups.  Use the HAVING clause to include or exclude grouped rows....

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  • Data preparation includes the processes of cleansing, summarizing, and transforming detail and operational data into structures such as data warehouses and data marts that are suitable for BI reporting, data mining, scoring, and statistical processing. Many DBMSs provide some support for data preparation, such as filtering, aggregation, denormalization, and so on. However, SAS uniquely supports operations such as sampling, variable binning, imputation, and variable selection, which are typically not as robust in the DBMS functionality.

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