Steam/condensate systems

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  • Installation of new system. When no existing system is present, the designer must select the system that is most appropriate for the end user. High temperature hot water and steam/condensate systems are the most common types of distribution systems currently used on military installations. However, a new system should only use the temperatures and pressures necessary to meet the requirements…

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  • Spirax Sarco recirculating feedwater spray systems type RFS are designed to provide additional flash steam condensing capacity on boiler feedtank applications. When the condensate return flowrate is high and the cold make-up flowrate is intermittent it is likely that valuable flash steam will be lost through the vent. To ensure that this flash steam is condensed it is often worthwhile to take feedwater from a relatively cool part of the feedtank and pump it to a spray nozzle.

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  • Source: HANDBOOK OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CALCULATIONS SECTION 2 STEAM CONDENSING SYSTEMS AND AUXILIARIES Design of Condenser Circulating-Water Systems for Power Plants 2.1 Designing Cathodic-Protection Systems for Power-Plant Condensers 2.7 Steam-Condenser Performance Analysis 2.12 Surface-Condenser Circulating-Water Pressure Loss 2.20 Surface-Condenser Weight Analysis 2.22 Steam-Condenser Air Leakage 2.16 Steam-Condenser Selection 2.17 Air-Ejector Analysis and Selection 2.18 Weight of Air in Steam-Plant Surface Condenser 2.23 Barometric-Condenser Analysis and Selection 2.

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  • STEAM CONDENSING SYSTEMS AND AUXILIARIES Design of Condenser Circulating-Water Systems for Power Plants 2.1 Designing Cathodic-Protection Systems for Power-Plant Condensers 2.7 Steam-Condenser Performance Analysis

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  • Spirax Sarco is the recognized industry standard for knowledge and products and for over 85 years has been committed to servicing the steam users worldwide. The existing and potential applications for steam, water and air are virtually unlimited. Beginning with steam generation, through distribution and utilization and ultimately returning condensate to the boiler, Spirax Sarco has the solutions to optimize steam system performance and increase productivity to save valuable time and money.

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  • Coincidentally, in the case of the aforementioned regulations a STAG (STeam And Gas) cycle qualification is/was to provide about 6% of its steam generation to process. At this operating condition, the overall performance approaches that of a conventional STAG power generation cycle. Later in this paper, tables are provided that define GE’s gas turbine and gas engine product characteristics, which in turn illustrate the wide application range and flexibility of these products to support cogeneration applications.

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  • Source: HANDBOOK OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CALCULATIONS SECTION 8 PIPING AND FLUID FLOW PRESSURE SURGE IN FLUID PIPING SYSTEMS 8.2 Pressure Surge in a Piping System From Rapid Valve Closure 8.2 Piping Pressure Surge with Different Material and Fluid 8.5 Pressure Surge in Piping System with Compound Pipeline 8.6 PIPE PROPERTIES, FLOW RATE, AND PRESSURE DROP 8.8 Quick Calculation of Flow Rate and Pressure Drop in Piping Systems 8.8 Fluid Head-Loss Approximations for All Types of Piping 8.10 Pipe-Wall Thickness and Schedule Number 8.

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  • STEAM JET REFRIGERATION INDIRECT REFRIGERATION 62.7.1 Use of Ice SYSTEM COMPONENTS 62.8.1 Compressors 62.8.2 Condensers 62.8.3 Evaporators 62.8.4 Expansion Devices DEFROSTMETHODS 62.9.1 Hot Refrigerant Gas Defrost 62.9.2 Air and Water Defrost SYSTEM DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS REFRIGERATION SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS 1894 1894 1897 1897 1897 1901 1903 1905 1909 1909 1910 1910 1910 1881 1881 1882

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  • Turbines represented in Configurations 1 and 3 will yield power dependent directly on process demands, since no condensing section capability exists. Their power production depends on the rise and fall of the steam demand. The addition of condensing capability (Configurations 2, 4 and 5) provides added power- generating flexibility. When a condenser is used, power can be generated independently from the process steam demand (assuming that the steam turbine is sized accordingly).

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