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  • Depletion of mineral resources is one of the major problems in the world. We have consumed available resources as if they were unlimited, and at the same time we generate a huge quantity of waste, thereby contaminating the Earth. The amount of waste in our society reflects how much resources we consume. We, as modern society, create more products and packaging which is visually appealing but cannot be easily decomposed. Energy demands, resource limitations, and environmental pollution are closely linked.

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  • To do this web sites should be built with the customer in mind. The aim should be to make their lives easier and thus create “web loyalty,” much like brand loyalty. A simple question was put forward to customers by Weirton (a steel company) as it was doing research prior to setting up a website. The answer from customers was simple: they wanted information, not only when they wanted it, but in a format that they could use, a format that that they were used to. This is where personalization ties in. Information should...

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  • It is sometimes viable to repair rusted sections by removing the rusted area and replacing it with a steel patch welded or brazed into place. The same precautions regarding heat etc., apply as for using body solder, plus extra care with heat build-up warping the rest of the panel. Use of a MIG welder is preferable, with oxy- acetylene brazing or welding not really recommended. Cut away the rusted section as carefully as possible to minimise further damage. A small cutting disk in an angle grinder or power jigsaw can be used if care is taken to check no...

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  • Gas–liquid multiphase flows play an essential role in the workings of Nature and the enterprises of mankind. Our everyday encounter with liquids is nearly always at a free surface, such as when drinking, washing, rinsing, and cooking. Similarly, such flows are in abundance in industrial applications: heat transfer by boiling is the preferred mode in both conventional and nuclear power plants, and bubbledriven circulation systems are used in metal processing operations such as steel making, ladle metallurgy, and the secondary refining of aluminum and copper.

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  • Mr. Theodore Irving, in his valuable history of the "Conquest of Florida," speaking of the astonishing achievements of the Spanish Cavaliers, in the dawn of the sixteenth century says: "Of all the enterprises undertaken in this spirit of daring adventure, none has surpassed, for hardihood and variety of incident, that of the renowned Hernando de Soto, and his band of cavaliers. It was poetry put in action. It was the knight-errantry of the old world carried into the depths of the American wilderness.

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