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  • It is important to note that the problem is not just a lack of proficiency among American students; there is also a lack of interest in STEM fields among many students. Recent evidence suggests that many of the most proficient students, including minority students and women, have been gravitating away from science and engineering toward other professions. Even as the United States focuses on low-performing students, we must devote considerable attention and resources to all of our most high-achieving students from across all groups....

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  • a whirlwind on the social scene, Milinda, 24, first joined the Family planning association of Sri lanka as a peer educator in 2004. he received training, and then went out to meet young people in 16 districts to reveal all about sexual and reproductive health and rights. Milinda was hooked: he saw the need for information and services and made it a personal mission to raise awareness of young people’s issues.

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  • The Education Savings Bond Program permits qualified taxpayers to exclude from their gross income all or a portion of the interest earned on the redemption of eligible Series EE and Series I bonds issued after 1989. You must be at least 24 years old before the bond's issue date. To qualify for this exclusion, the taxpayer, the taxpayer's spouse, or the taxpayer's dependent at certain post-secondary educational institutions must incur tuition and other educational expenses. Persons with incomes above certain thresholds may not be eligible to participate.

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  • Teaching about literacy and numeracy, involves many learning experiences over all the years of schooling. The time allocated to these areas and others such as science, historical and social studies, culture and the arts etc., is always in excess of the time available for health. Simply, there is very little time in the curriculum to achieve many of the educational goals of health education, let alone the wishes of the health sector for the adoption of practices conducive to better health.

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  • Young doctors are the future of our Society. Therefore, I am hoping to see a global network created for young gynecologists who are interested in gynecologic cancer. If young doctors from various countries start to communicate effectively and share information with each other, we can both improve and standardize cancer treatment and contribute to the well-being of women worldwide. Education for young doctors is very important because they are still pure and have a sensitivity to share experiences of all kinds.

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  • The interest in films taken by feminists stems from concern about the under-representation and misrepresentation of women in cinema. It adopts a critical approach towards gender bias on celluloid.

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  • Today’s public sculpture will become tomorrow’s historic monu- ments. Just as communities work now to preserve their existing sculp- ture and monuments, future generations will be preserving the art created today. The problems that have affected collections of older works will afflict new creations as well. Positive public support is crucial to the survival of outdoor sculpture and can be heightened through education and community participation.

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  • Education and training are particularly important in the current crisis. In times of recession, budget constraints (in government, households and businesses) tend to reduce expenditure on education and training. On the other hand, due to rising unemployment, demand for training increases. Support for education and training during the current crisis can help displaced workers find new job opportunities and can thus support the restructuring process.

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  • The success of non-profits stems from the support of social investors, whether individuals or institutions, who have turned to microfinance in a big way: in 2007, such investors put $4 billion into microfinance (CGAP, 2008), a total that has been rising fast. Social investors range from international financial institutions like the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation to major mutual fund families like TIAA-CREF, in addition to individuals investing $100 or so (at zero financial return) through internet-based sites like

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  • The Georgia Coalition for the Peoples’ Agenda has played a critical role in bringing together three powerful networks to examine the impact of air pollution from coal-fired power plants upon the African American community. The Black Leadership Forum, the Southern Organizing Committee for Economic and Social Justice and Clear the Air share a keen interest in promoting responsible public policies protective of human health and the environment.

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  • Conditions experienced early in life or in utero have been shown to have persistent and long- term effects on health, education, and socioeconomic outcomes (see seminal work by Stein et al. (1975) and more recent papers by Maccini and Yang (2009) and Maluccio et al. (2009)). Barker (1998) argues that health shocks suffered in utero can cause irreversible adaptations to the local food environment and that children cannot catch up even if they later have good nutrition and health care.

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  • A recent review of school-based programs in developing countries (FOCUS, 2001) found strong evidence of the effectiveness of such programs in improving YRH outcomes. Seventeen of 19 school programs that had undergone relatively rigorous evaluation were effective in improving young people’s knowledge of sexual and reproductive health, including contraception and HIV/AIDS prevention.

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  • In themanagement of privacy, organizations focus on two types of threats: Deliberatemisuse of information or theft of information can range from incidents where employees deliberately remove proprietary information, including trade secrets, customer lists, or financial data, and provide that information to unauthorized parties. The second type of internal threat stems from ignorance or carelessness in how proprietary data and information is used.

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  • We can generally categorize a person’s life into three financial stages. The first stage is the growing up and getting educated stage. The second stage is the working part of a person’s life, and the final stage is retirement. This monograph focuses on the working and the retirement stages of a person’s life because these are the two stages when an individual is part of the economy and an investor. Even though this monograph is not really about the growing up and getting educated stage, this is a critical stage for everyone.

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  • The State’s management is responsible for establishing and maintaining effective internal control over compliance with requirements of laws, regulations, contracts, and grants applicable to federal programs.

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  • Economic development professionals can use this strategic framework in a variety of different ways. As a first step, it is useful in mapping current regional economic development activities. In most regions, these activities are spread across a variety of different organizations. Leaders of these organizations often do not communicate effectively with each other. By listing each organization’s major focus and activities on the grid, important patterns and gaps emerge.

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  • For the most part modern theories of economic growth assume population change to be a determining factor of human welfare. A central tenet of the dominant theory is that although population growth doesn’t affect the long-run rate of change in living standards in any way, it affects the long-run standard of living adversely (Solow, 1956). Recent models of economic growth have been more assertive. They lay stress on new ideas as a source of progress.

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  • In addition to a general decline, there is evidence from commencement data to indicate that  a significant fall  in new enrolments across the education sector has already occurred  in the  Indian  market.  Commencements  by  Indian  students  for  the  year‐to‐date  for  June  were  22,670, down by 13,300 or 37% over 2009 (year to June) levels of 35,970. This included a fall  in higher education commencements of 1,898 students to 3,435, equal to 36% on the 2009  equivalent figure of 5,333.

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  • In this paper we analyse in more detail the implications of Gabaix’s theory, taking as well an international perspective that looks at four economic areas. However, we do not restrict ourselves to considering big firms. Rather, we analyse the predictive power stemming from a large cross section of firms’equity prices with the key finding that, in a given month, it is only a small subset of these firms that help improve predictability. Overall, the composition of the set of most predictive firms remains stable for around half a year.

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  • Nigerian Boat Regatta Sets Sail toward Healthier Horizons In Nigeria, small grant awardee So-Healthi hosted a boat regatta to raise awareness about pneumonia and the fact that it kills nearly 180,000 Nigerian children each year. The event focused on educating families about prevention and treatment of the illness and drew more than 300 participants. During the event, a medical team examined babies and children for pneumonia, and local government officials announced that pneumococcal vaccine doses donated by Pfizer were being administered in their state that day.

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