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  • Welcome to the fascinating world of open source software that is Linux. In this book, I introduce you to the wonders of the Linux operating system, originally created as a labor of love by Linus Torvalds in the early 1990s. My goal is to initiate you into the rapidly growing ranks of Linux users and enthusiasts busily rewriting the rules for the operating system marketplace. If you’ve contemplated switching to Linux but find the prospect too forbidding, you can relax. If you can boil water or set your alarm clock, you, too, can become a Linux user. (No kidding!)...

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  • Linux can be a terrific "poor man’s" router. It takes a little more startup configuration than a typical hardware router, but once it is going, very little will stop it, at least in our experience. We’ve been using the router setup detailed below in production for six months now (a few months more worth of pilot-testing), and the only faults we’ve encountered were either service-provider related or due to water-soaked cables -- unbelievable, but true, and a really long story I won’t get into here!...

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  • In the previous chapter, you learned about Linux processes. We discussed the init process, which is the grandparent of all other processes. We also discussed how to use init scripts to start and stop services on the system. In this chapter, we’re going to build upon this knowledge and go into depth about the Linux boot process. We’ll discuss the following topics: Managing the Linux Boot Process For your Linux+ exam, you need to have a sound understanding of how the Linux boot process works.

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  • There's a lot to be said for going back to basics. Not only does this Bible give you a quick refresher on the structure of open-source Linux software, it also shows you how to bypass the hefty graphical user interface on Linux systems and start interacting the fast and efficient way?with command lines and automated scripts. You'll learn how to manage files on the filesystem, start and stop programs, use databases, even do Web programming?without a GUI?with this one-stop resource.

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  • Ubuntu Hacks is your one-stop source for all of the community knowledge you need to get the most out of Ubuntu: a collection of 100 tips and tools to help new and experienced Linux users install, configure, and customize Ubuntu. With this set of hacks, you can get Ubuntu Linux working exactly the way you need it to.

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  • You may already be familiar with the Craig Hunt Linux Library. If you are, you know it is a library of books for professional system administrators that focuses directly on Linux. The reason for creating such a high quality library is simple: Linux and the professionals who administer Linux systems deserve it. The goal of the library is to provide highly tech- nical books that are clear, accurate, and complete.

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  • Tải bản về từ trang, ...Nhấn stop (hình vuông màu đỏ ấy, để stop máy ảo lại nếu bạn ñang sử dụng trên máy ảo).

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  • You can specify a password, to protect the Outpost Network Security Client settings on client computers from being changed by users. Click the Password tab, select Enable password protection for client firewall settings, and specify the password in the text box provided. Confirm the password and specify whether it should also protect the Outpost Network Security Client service from unauthorized stopping and the Log Viewer from being launched.

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  • Get cutting-edge coverage of the newest releases of UNIX--including Solaris 10, all Linux distributions, HP-UX, AIX, and FreeBSD--from this thoroughly revised, one-stop resource for users at all experience levels. Written by UNIX experts with many years of experience starting with Bell Laboratories, UNIX: The Complete Reference, Second Edition provides step-by-step instructions on how to use UNIX and take advantage of its powerful tools and utilities.

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  • Monit là dịch vụ kiểm tra trạng thái của file bằng cách kiểm tra checksum, theo dõi hoạt động của các dịch vụ chạy trên nền Linux, đưa ra cảnh báo, stop/start dịch vụ nếu dịch vụ sử dụng tài nguyên quá mức cho phép, hoặc một dịch vụ nào đó đột nhiên stop vì một lí do nào đó. Vì công cụ này đa năng, dễ sử dụng và kiêm khá nhiều việc mà một Linux System Administrator cần làm, nhất là đối với những máy chủ chạy dịch vụ nặng nề....

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  • Server Quản Trị Mạng - Trong bài viết này sử dụng hệ điều hành Linux Ojuba 2 - 1 nền tảng dựa trên bộ khung của Fedora 10, tài khoản sử dụng ở đây là root và tạm dừng toàn bộ hoạt động của MySQL database server: /etc/init.

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  • UNIX Administration: A Comprehensive Sourcebook for Effective Systems & Network Management is a one-stop handbook for the administration and maintenance of UNIX systems and networks. With an outstanding balance of concepts and practical matters, it covers the entire range of administrative tasks, from the most basic to the advanced, from system startup and shutdown to network security and kernel reconfiguration. While focusing on the primary UNIX platforms, the author discusses all of the most common UNIX “flavors,” including Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, AIX and SGI IRIX.

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